Whether you are going to be visiting Vegas for tourism, or specificially for the world famous casinos, there are lots of things to take into consideration before arriving, especially if you want to get lucky and win some money.

Here are some things to know before playing poker in Las Vegas, including some top things poker players of all abilities.


1. Practise Online

If your goal is to improve your poker game, then the first thing you should do is look to the experts for advice. Poker players can reach incredible heights with a little luck, sharpened skills and the right mindset.

There are numerous books on the subject, but if you want to improve playing in real life/online is highly recommended. Like with most things in life, the more you practise, the better you'll get.

If you are totally new to the world of poker you can play tables websites like the pokies net and compete online against other people playing poker online.


2. Don’t Let Your Emotions Get the Better of You

Have you ever heard of the term “poker face”, you probably don’t need to scratch your head as to where it originated. Hiding your emotions was pretty much invented in the game of poker. So, don’t take it lightly that this is a skill you’ll need to develop to succeed.

It’s not just for looking cool and aloof. Displaying your emotions for all to see going to cost you while you’re playing. Not only do other players get to judge based on your reactions what you’re hiding.

But you also run the risk of making bad decisions as a result of getting too angry, happy or aggressive. 


3. Never Play for Free

Free poker tends to lose its flavor once you’ve been playing for real money. And it’s not just about the thrill of the game. Professional poker players don’t play free games because it’s quite a different experience from real money games.

For instance, players in free games do not behave the same way as the serious players you’ll face in even the lowest stake games. That being said, if you’re a complete beginner who is barely familiar with the rules of the game.

Then free poker is the ideal solution to learn what you need to know to move onto real poker games.


4. Don’t Bluff All the Time

Amateur poker players tend to have the idea that bluffing is something they should be doing constantly. In truth, bluffing is not as big a part of the game as you might think, but it is extremely important and must be done correctly.

For instance, you must know exactly when to bluff, do it sparingly and only when it’s believable. Knowing when to bluff is what separates average poker players from the real pros.


5. Never Show an Unsportsmanlike Attitude

Love and passion for the game is what brings together millions of poker players from all over the world. Who join each other on popular gaming websites, apps and even physically at popular events.

The true pros among them understand very well that games are down to luck as well as skill. And that each player that they are up against for a particular pot has the exact same goal they do.

For this reason, there are some unspoken rules of being a good sportsman in the game of poker. Such as never insulting your opponents, not getting overly confident about your victories and never, ever, attempt to cheat.

Not only will this swiftly get you disqualified from the games you’re participating in. But it also makes you look extremely unsportsmanlike to the people that you’re competing against.


Now go enjoy your trip to Las Vegas!