Visiting Philadelphia is like taking a history lesson because it is the birthplace of some of the most significant figures in American history and the location of some of the country's most iconic locations.

Exploring Philadelphia can be a really enjoyable experience as there is something for everyone - families, couples, friend, solo travellers and groups. It is also a great city to visit all year round, as each season offers different experiences.

Now check out our guide to the best tourist attractions in Philadelphia to check out for first-time visitors.


1. Independence Hall

The United States' declaration of independence in 1776 and the adoption of the American constitution the following year were both debated and signed in Independence Hall, which served as the site of important moments in American democracy. Americans refer to it as the birthplace of America.

In this building, the first deputies and senators of the fledgling American republic met. Due to its historical relevance, it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

How to visit the building from the inside: visiting Independence Hall is free. But what complicates it a bit is that it is a guided tour – it takes place on scheduled tours. For those visiting between March and December, to take this tour, it is necessary first to get a "ticket" at the Independence Visitor Center.


2. Philadelphia Museum of Art and "Rocky Steps"

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the oldest museums in the U.S. and is also rated as one of the best. You can view more than 200,000 works here! One of the main draws of the museum for tourists also isn't the actual museum itself, but the steps outside which were made famous in the smash hit film Rocky featuring Sylvester Stallone.


3. Liberty Bell

For starters, nothing better than the Liberty Bell, undoubtedly one of Philadelphia's most visited tourist attractions. This bell, built in 1752, marked some of the most critical moments in the country's history.

The ringing of this bell warned the population when the Declaration of Independence of the United States was signed in 1776. Considered one of the most significant symbols of American Independence, the Liberty Bell also has this name because of the inscription above it: "Proclaim the Liberty throughout the earth, for all its inhabitants."


4. Benjamin Franklin Museum

One of Philadelphia's most defining figures is Benjamin Franklin. During your tour of the city, you'll hear about him repeatedly. Indeed, he is one of the essential characters in the country's history, and Philly even more so.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the group's most influential members that articulated the American Revolution. Remember the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution presented in Independence Hall? Benjamin Franklin signed them.

In addition, Franklin was a writer, journalist, and scientist and is considered the inventor of electricity. With such importance, it is not surprising that they created a museum dedicated to him.

At the Benjamin Franklin Museum, you'll learn more about the life and exploits of this extraordinary man and discover a little more about his importance to both the American Revolution and science.


5. Rivers Casino Philadelphia

As we mentioned above, Philadelphia is a trip to learn history, but it's also a city with great restaurants, bars and clubs where you can have a lot of fun.

One of the attractions you can find is the Rivers Casino Philadelphia, a popular option for those who like to gamble and enjoy a beautiful place with dinners and beautiful, luxurious interior.


6. One Liberty Observation Deck

One Liberty Place, one of the tallest buildings in the United States, is on the outskirts of City Hall. The building has hyper-modern architecture, with the entire facade mirrored.

Seeing it from the outside is already excellent, but the most exciting thing here is that, on one of the top floors of the building, there is an observation deck with a 360º view of the city, over 260 meters high.

You'll see much of the city from One Liberty Observation Deck, with views of the historic downtown area and the Delaware River. From here, you can also see the City Hall tower, which, as I said, was once the tallest building in the city.

It is one of the most incredible tourist spots in Philadelphia, and visiting it is undoubtedly an unmissable experience.


Other Things to Do

If you have a flexible schedule and more than just a weekend visit planned, these are some more top rated local tourist attractions and popular destinations to add to your Philadelphia itinerary:

  • Spruce Street Harbor Park
  • Fairmount Park
  • The Barnes Foundation
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • Historic Old City
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • LOVE Park
  • Society Hill Historic District
  • The Franklin Institute Science Museum
  • Please Touch Museum
  • Rodin Museum
  • Schuylkill River Trail
  • Morris Arboretum
  • Eastern State Penitentiary

Have you been to Philadelphia? Do you have any recommendations to share? Let us know in the comments section.