One way is playing online casino games.

Casino play is always evolving and moving online technology forward. The latest technology is live casino play. So whether you like to dabble in card games or live online roulette, there should be something for you. This begs the question what is live casino play and what’s involved?

Let’s take a deep dive and find out.


What is Live Casino Play?

Whereas your standard online casino uses computer graphics to show you what is going on and generates results using a random number generator, a live casino involves a real croupier spinning the roulette wheel or dealing real cards. This is live streamed in real-time, and so the random number generator which players have been critical of in the past is no longer needed.

Since live play came on the casino scene it has been a big hit. Although it takes some getting used to, those that enjoy live casinos never look back. It is arguably the closest you can get to actually paying in a real casino.

Live play is a lot more interactive with the croupier announcing plays and asking you what you want to do. It is an experience that any lover of online casino play should try.


Live Casino Games

The range of live casino games in an online Arabic casino tends to be extensive. As a snapshot you may find:

Roulette – The classic, hypnotic game often has various formats and both the American and European versions of the game are available. For the more seasoned player, you should find VIP options that suit your larger budget.

Blackjack – One of the most famous card games in the world that are found in real casinos all over the world. Again, different versions of the game and a VIP option are often found in live casinos so pick the one where you feel you fit in.

Craps – The famous dice game is often found in a live casino. It makes a huge difference watching the dice rolling live streamed than their graphical equivalent.

Baccarat – The game that Ian Flemming’s James Bond plays in the books is brought alive through live casinos. Why not give this intriguing card game a try?

Poker – Most live casinos carry a form of poker so you can play the game of bluff in a far more realistic and engaging environment.

As you can see there is plenty of choices.


Finding Good Live Casinos

As with any form of online gaming finding a reputable site is essential. As a rule, you should ensure:

The site is licensed and uses reputable technology and this should be easy to find on the site. When searching for this information don’t be surprised if you find Malta is where the site is registered. They have far more favourable regulatory and tax laws where online gaming is concerned.

Reviews are good but not too good. Check reviews on Google and social media and take the time to read reviews and not just look at the star rating. Reviews which are too good and too bad are probably fake so ignore these. If you’re happy with what you read then this site could be a keeper. Of course, if you’re unhappy it is one to miss.

Ensure it has games you want to play. It sounds strange but not all live casinos are created equal. As such, it may not carry your favourite games. This can be disappointing if you were looking forward to Speed Blackjack and it has everything but. So check the games out before you create an account.

Make sure the customer service is good. At some point, you’re going to have to talk to the customer service department of any live casino where you play. This should be a fast and easy process to resolve an issue and not one that goes on for weeks. As such, make sure that any casino you play in has not skimped in this regard.

Check the terms and conditions for withdrawal and deposit limits. Most casinos have a deposit and withdrawal limit and it is a good idea to understand exactly what this entails. Why you’re about it, ensure that you check out any bonus offers thoroughly. Many of them come with a wagering requirement of some kind which often takes the form of a multiplier. So say you have a multiplier of 5x, and you deposit $100. You have to wager $100 x 5 before you can withdraw winnings.

Finally, check the payment options. It would be frustrating to sign up and find that you can’t actually deposit any cash or receive it.

Live casinos are quite amazing. They offer a chance to experience the games as if you were standing in a real casino. This is the future of online gaming and it is to be embraced. Good luck with your live casino play and remember never bet more than you can afford to lose.