What are Occles

Occles are a type of travel eyewear which have been designed to block out all light. The way we would describe them is they are a cross between sunglasses and an eye mask. The main aim of Occles is to provide total blackout and protect your eyes from harmful sunlight so when you’re on holiday or in need of rest. 



Initial Thoughts

Occles Eyewear

Apart from sunglasses and eye masks, we haven't seen any similar to Occles on the market before so when the Occles package arrive at One World 365 hq, we were not sure what to expect. My initial thoughts when opening the package was they look quite stylish and futuristic. My only concern before trying them on was I might look slightly odd when wearing them.

When trying them on for the first time, they feel surprisingly comfy on your head and there are also adjustable joints to fit all head sizes. There is a bridgeless design and the eyepad is very comfortable which allows you to open your eyes when you use them. They are very good at blocking out external light, everything really does go black. 

Occles are also very light and you can fit them around your neck or on top of your head when you are not wearing them. They also feel very strong and sturdy but it is difficult to give an opinion on durability or robustness as we haven't testing them for a long time yet.


Reasons to Buy

Occles are ideal if you travel long distances on flights and transport, visit health and beauty spas or if you are planning to go on holiday and will be spending time sunbathing.

Occles will protect your eyes from strong light, perfect if you are looking to get rest when travelling or if you want to avoid any damage from UV rays. Occles are CE Accredited.

If you have ever been to the beach or relaxing by the pool on holiday, the only way to really protect your eyes is to cover your eyes with a towel, or buy a really expensive pair of sunglasses. Occles are a complimentary product to your sunglasses. Due to their comfort they are also ideal when you are looking to relax and block your surroundings out.

You will probably get looks of intrigue when wearing this travel eyewear because there isn't really anything like this on the market at the moment. If you are looking for something with a bit of style and more features than a traditional eyemask, Occles are a great purchase to make. 


Occles cost £22.00 and you can choose from a range of colours from their online collection.