If you’re an US citizen reading this article, you are probably already considering visiting Myanmar and wondering how easy it is to gain entry to the country and travel here.

Although some countries in Asia do not require a visa to enter, several countries do, including Myanmar. Finding information about how to obtain a visa and when you plan a trip though can be a little confusing. 

All American citizens who want to visit Myanmar need to apply for an online visa to have the option to enter Myanmar legally. There are lots of websites which you can facilitate the process of getting a Burma visa for US citizens and travelers can get the document completed in no time. 

VIew some of  the most frequently asked questions about Myanmar visa for US travelers where we explain everything about the specifics, costs and how to complete the application. 


Do US citizens need a visa for visiting Myanmar? 

Yes, US citizens who already have a passport still require a visa to enter Myanmar. US passport holders will require to abide by the definite regulations to be able to transit the country, even when they have a visa. For instance, they can only exit and enter the country Myanmar through Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw International airports. This clearly implies that entering through the seaport and land border is restricted for the US citizens. They also have to agree to never enter any restricted areas while they’re traveling through the country. 


Can I get a visa for Myanmar after arriving in the country?

Yes, Myanmar has got a facility of giving visa on arrival and this has similar requirements the Myanmar tourist e-visa. This Myanmar visa lets you visit the country as a tourist for 28 days in a total. 


What is the tourist evisa for Myanmar?

The Myanmar electronic visa is a mandatory or compulsory travel requirement for the nationals or citizens of the qualifying nations who wish to travel to the Republic of Myanmar for business or traveling purposes. 


What is the maximum validity of the Myanmar visa?

After the issue of the Myanmar visa, you have got 90 days to enter Myanmar. However, you also have to remember that you can only stay in the country for just 28 days in total per each entry. Most tourists tend to visit for a few weeks which is enough time to see the highlights, this is a great 2 week Myanmar itinerary to check out.


Am I able to enter Myanmar several times?

No, you won’t be allowed. The Myanmar eVisa provides you with just a single entry and hence before you plan your trip to the nation. 


What is the best way to get a visa for Myanmar?

In order to get a visa for Myanmar, you will need a passport, a digital photo and a payment method. Here are few details that you’ll find on the documents and which you need to provide for facilitating your visa process. 

  • You will need a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity till the date of entry
  • You will need a credit or debit card or a Paypal account for payment
  • You will need a digital photograph of the applicant and this has to be a recent one


What is the cost of getting a visa for Burma?

This is certainly one of the many concerns about getting electronic visas. Here are 3 options that can easily fit your requirements:

  • Standard processing – USD 75.00 (3 Business days)
  • Rush processing – USD 105.00 (2 Business days)
  • Super Rush processing – USD 135.00 (12hours)


Can I enter Myanmar with my visa through any point of entry?

No, you can’t. There are some points through which you can enter Myanmar. They are:

  • One of the 3 International Airports : Mandalay, Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw
  • One of the 5 International Land Border Checkpoints: Myawaddy, Tachileik, Kawthaung, Rih Khaw Dar-Zokhawthar, Tamu-Moreh


If you’re an American citizen who is trying to visit Myanmar, you have to keep in mind all the above mentioned rules in order to gain entry to the country legally. This country really is amazing and there are so many places you need to visit. View Myanmar tours to see incredible itineraries.


Hopefully our guide has helped answer some popular questions about the rules and regulations of getting a Myanmar VISA for US citizens.

If you have ever been to Myanmar and have any recommendations to share let us know in the comments section below.