If you would like the see as much as possible one of the best things to do in Malta is to head out into the ocean for spectacular views and islands.

Nowadays, going on holiday and booking excursions is easy online or on arrival. You could also hire a boat which is much easier than you might think. But, that doesn't mean there aren't some important things to consider, which is why we have put together the following guide.


How to Hire a Boat

So, it’s a good start that you’ve managed to narrow down your vessel type to a catamaran - next, you need to decide on the size of the vessel (ie. how much space and how many passengers will be on board) along with a budget. The cost of the rental will depend on the season and boat, as well as whether you decide on having a captain or not.

The next step is choosing a platform for your catamaran hire in Malta. The good news is that there are many options when it comes to hiring platforms where you can find the right boat (and boat owner) to suit your needs. Malta is a popular boating destination, so you have plenty of choices - just make sure it’s a credible site, and preferably a platform that links you directly to the owners.

Oceans Evasion is one trustworthy boat rental platform with more than 17,000 catamarans and sailboats for hire around the globe, including Malta!


Best Time of Year to Go

Summer in the Mediterranean - June, July, and August, are the most popular time of year to visit but May and September can be equally hot sometimes and also cheaper. In fact, being on a boat all day can leave you exposed to the sun, so it's best to choose a vessel that has shady areas. It might also be worth considering a sailing trip in late spring or early autumn for more moderate temperatures and better deals on boats. 

It is possible to head off in the winter too since much of the Med can be mild all year round. But, it will be even more important to check the weather forecasts regularly for storms or spouts of bad weather.


What to See

There are lots of places to see in Malta, but there’s also a lot to see nearby including the island of Gozo. 

If you are after a really special adventure the most common route from here is to visit some of the Italian islands dotting the coast, including Sicily. But the north of Africa, which is also very close by, is an underrated option that has a rich Muslim culture mixed with Roman artefacts and remains. 

If you get as far as Egypt, then you can really begin to see some natural wonders, though Tunisia and Algeria have plenty of ancient stuff to explore too. However, we recommend not straying too far seeing as Tunisia and Italy have a lot to offer.



Seeing beautiful locations and enjoying a relaxing holiday is a few benefits of a catamaran hire in Malta. The other side is the endless activities you can enjoy whilst at sea (and what a glorious sea the Med is).

Some ideas include swimming, snorkelling, water sports (such as water skiing), and fishing. No matter what, you'll have fun on your catamaran whether you’re into sunbathing and reading or more adrenaline-pumping activities.

Furthermore, you can also indulge in the perfect sunsets and sunrises while at sea, whilst enjoying some of the tastiest Maltese foods.

You could also plan your trip to explore caves and coves, or just seek out the world-class beaches.


Final Advice

A catamaran hire is one of the most fantastic things to do in Malta way to explore the Mediterranean and all it has to offer. Whether you want to sail around the island, visit nearby Italian archipelagos, or head to northern Africa, there are endless destinations to choose from.

In addition to sightseeing, you can also enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, snorkelling, and fishing. Just be sure to consider the size of the catamaran, your budget, and the duration of the rental when making your decision.