This revolutionary new pocket-sized product makes the whole experience of travelling easier. Keen to learn more?

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At a Glance - What is Langogo?

Langogo is:

  • The first pocket sized translator
  • Speak and translate into 70 different languages
  • A mobile hotspot that gives you internet access in 72 countries
  • A portable voice AI and mighty trip advisor



The Langogo is super stylish and modern - it has a colour touch screen and is very easy to use. It is small, probably about 3/4 of the size of a smartphone but a lot lighter which makes it perfect for taking anywhere.


How Does Langogo Work

Langogo relies on intelligent AI-powered translation which does require an internet connection. But before you start wondering how effective the Langogo is if you aren't connected, this device is a global Wi-Fi hotspot meaning you don't need to be connected to a WIFI network.

The Langogo also supports six additional connected devices and you can use it in 72 countries. All you have to do is switch the Langogo on and it automatically connects to the local networks. Pretty amazing!


Benefits of Langogo

Although we highly recommend everyone learns at least the basic phrases before travelling to foreign shores, it is pretty impossible to become fluent overnight. Even with using phrase books and apps, communication can be difficult especially when you have no prior experience of the language.

Langogo is the perfect gadget for travellers heading to foreign speaking countries and wanting to interact with locals or make the experience of travelling easier. Langogo allows you to literally speak like a local and stay connected wherever you travel. You can speak into the Langogo and it can translate what you say into 70 different languages!

We do believe that half the fun of travel is the feeling of being a bit lost and having to get by, but imagine for example, you are at a train station in Beijing, and the staff do not speak English (or other languages), and you are keen to either book a ticket or ask a question. Trying to understand what the local staff say or have a conversation is pretty impossible unless you are lucky enough to find someone who can translate.

This is where Langogo can help, you can, or you can get other people to speak into the device and it will translate what the other person says into your language of choice!


How Accurate is Langogo

We have tested Langogo in several different languages and we have to say it is very accurate. Of course, due to accents and also understanding it isn't 100% accurate but it gets most phrases either correct or close to correct. We find it sometimes struggles with names of people, but for most sentances it is either accurate or close to what was initially spoken into it.


What We Like About the Langogo

The look and style of the Langogo is very appealing, it is very light especially compared to smartphones and so great for taking out and about. The Langogo is very easy to use, just open the box, turn it on and off you go.

Probably the best thing we like about the Langogo is how quick it is to use. You can select the language and speak into it and it literally translates what is said straight away. Translations are not 100% perfect, but they are very accurate!


Would We Recommend Buying the Langogo?

Yes! If you travel, or just want to improve your communication with someone then this is the perfect device. 


Price & How to Buy

Langogo has recently been Crowdfunded and the estimated retail price is set to be around $230 (USD) when it goes on sale (date tbc) later this year. If you are excited to get your hands on a Langogo, you can also buy in advance online now for a discounted rate of $159.