It's also an ideal and great value for money destination for those seeking adrenaline-pumping activities, especially for stag parties looking to create unforgettable memories.

Popular things to do on a stag do in Krakow including bubble football, bar crawls, party boats and go karting. But among the myriad options available, one standout experience that guarantees thrills and camaraderie is a visit to the shooting range.


Voucher for the shooting range in Krakow - an excellent gift for everyone

Cracow Shooting Academy, Krakow, Poland

Are you considering an unusual gift? A voucher for a shooting session in picturesque Krakow is an innovative gesture that will surely surprise and delight both shooting enthusiasts and those seeking unforgettable thrills.

The voucher for a shooting session also becomes a proposition for a group of friends or siblings, creating the opportunity for a shared experience of an exciting adventure at the shooting range, full of emotions and unforgettable moments.

This form of gift not only delivers exceptional experiences but also enables the creation of unique memories during a shared, adrenaline-filled experience. It's an extraordinary opportunity for adrenaline junkies and shooting enthusiasts to savor unforgettable moments.

Such a gift is not just a chance to test shooting skills but also an opportunity for new sensations and emotions. Moreover, the chance to spend time actively makes this voucher an excellent idea for an extraordinary gift for a loved one.


Top shooting range experiences in Krakow

Safety Measures: At shooting ranges such as the one provided at, safety is not just a priority; it's ingrained in every aspect of the experience.

The professional instructors are not only highly trained but also skilled at creating a comfortable environment for shooters of all levels. Their guidance extends beyond the technicalities of handling firearms; they also prioritize safety protocols, ensuring that every participant feels confident and secure throughout the session.

Whether it's a beginner seeking familiarity with firearms or an experienced shooter aiming to refine their skills, the instructors offer personalized attention, making the entire experience both educational and enjoyable.

A Diverse Arsenal of Firearms: The range of firearms available isn't merely extensive; it's a carefully curated selection designed to offer a thrilling and varied shooting encounter. From classic pistols that have made their mark in history to powerful rifles that demand respect, there's a firearm suited to every individual's preference.

Moreover, the inclusion of historical weapons adds an extra layer of fascination and appreciation for the evolution of firearms over time. Participants have the unique opportunity to try out different types of weaponry, adding excitement and diversity to the experience.

Tailored Packages for Memorable Events: Shooting ranges understand that each group event, like a stag party, deserves a touch of customization. That's why they offer packages that go beyond mere shooting sessions. These packages are carefully tailored to cater to specific preferences, incorporating elements that enhance the overall experience.

Whether it's organizing friendly shooting competitions among the group, setting up challenges that test skills and teamwork, or arranging a memorable group photoshoot with the firearms as props, these additions transform a regular outing into an unforgettable and unique event.

Creating Lasting Memories in Krakow's Beauty: What sets apart a stag do at ShootingCracow isn't just the adrenaline-pumping moments at the shooting range but also the picturesque backdrop of Krakow's natural splendor.

The juxtaposition of the thrilling shooting experience against the beauty of the city creates an ambiance that's both invigorating and mesmerizing. It's an opportunity for the groom and his friends to bond over an exciting activity while being surrounded by the captivating allure of Krakow.

These moments become cherished memories that linger long after the celebration ends, making the stag do an unforgettable highlight of the entire wedding celebration.


Book a Visit to the Cracow Shooting Academy

A voucher for the Cracow Shooting Academy in Krakow is a unique proposition, ensuring not only joy but also unforgettable experiences.

It's an excellent gift for shooting enthusiasts and for those seeking excitement, also presenting an ideal opportunity for those who want to try something entirely new.

With this voucher, you can give a unique experience that will remain in the recipient's memory for a long time. Seize the opportunity to surprise your loved ones with an extraordinary gift and enjoy one of the best destinations in Krakow.