This region has become more developed and popular a lot in the last few years and Kashmir is now a popular sightseeing location especially with tourists seeking to go off the beaten track.

But is Kashmir safe to visit? What important things are there to know before visiting?


Is Kashmir Worth Visiting?

Travelers who want to visit India, especially the north of the country should not have second thoughts about visiting Kashmir. The beautiful area that is frequently referred to as the "Switzerland of India'' for its landscape, snow peaked mountains, and alpine pristine lakes has a lot more to offer.

Without a doubt Kashmir is one of the most breathtaking locations you will ever see. Emperor Jehangir was not kidding when he said that Kashmir was the paradise on Earth.

The snow-capped mountains, rivers, calm lakes, Chinar trees—all these features combine to make Kashmir a stunning location especially if you love the outdoors and trekking. 


Weather and Best Time to Visit

Depending on different seasons Kashmir's weather can change significantly. The summer months of May to August provide nice weather that is perfect for outdoor activities and tourism while Winters that run from December to February, may be very chilly or also to minus temperatures particularly in higher altitudes like Gulmarg where the snowfall draws a lot of skiers.

Sometimes the heavy snow leads to road blockage and makes traffic wait for hours, but road authorities work and try to give every facility as soon as possible. Similarly travel becomes difficult during the monsoon season which runs from July to September. Heavy rainfall can occasionally cause landslides. Therefore, it is advised to not visit Kashmir during the rainy season and the ideal weather of spring and summer are usually the best times to visit.


Safety Precautions

The state capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Srinagar and one of the most beautiful locations but you will observe several army personnel stationed here as soon as you land for the safety of the locals and tourists as well.

Additionally, there are CRPF officers stationed at practically every yard along every street. As you travel on Kashmir's roads, you will notice numerous armies and CRPF caravans crossing but this is nothing to worry about and life continues as normal.

It is recommended that those traveling alone/independently in Kashmir you should avoid isolated and rural areas for example going trekking.

Before departing make sure you buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy. This will give you peace of mind when travelling and cover you if any accidents or emergencies happen. 



To make your trip as safe as possible we recommend you to choose any Kashmir tour packages from local tour operators. They will help you to enhance your travel experience due to their expertise in local areas. 


Top Places to Visit

Touring Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, and Pahalgam, are a must to visit all unusual locations in Kashmir. You can also enjoy some popular adventure activities here, like Kashmir Great Lakes trek, paragliding, river rafting and many more.

You will discover that the people of Kashmir are ery hospitable and are quite used to foreigners due to the increasing number of visitors to the region. If you want to give back and help good causes you might want to check out India volunteering programs.  



The nightlife of Kashmir is different in comparison to that of other cities. It is rather quiet with most events coming to an end by day. There aren't many pubs or nightclubs but you can find a few cafes and eateries that stay open late. Travelers frequently spend their evenings taking in cultural events or enjoy the cool breeze atmosphere of houseboats. Try to avoid going out late at night especially in remote areas.


Local People

You will encounter friendly faces wherever you go. And you will be welcomed with a cup of Kahwa! The Kashmiris have no problem greeting guests into their homes and providing them with the greatest hospitality. They want you to have wonderful recollections of their valley and to remember Kashmir with love and care. Be sure to learn some useful Hindi travel phrases before arriving to impress the locals.


Entry Requirements

Certain permits are occasionally needed to travel in Kashmir particularly in the restricted districts close to the border. For example inner line permissions are needed for places like Ladakh and can be acquired from local officials in Leh or Srinagar but it is completely safe for Tourists. Special permits are not needed for many well-known tourist locations such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam, but it is still a good idea to keep up with any changes to the law.


Plan a Trip to Kashmir

If you are dreaming of a trip to India you really should consider visting Kashmir. This region is now very safe to visitors, especially if you follow safety advice or book an organised group tour. When it comes to people, the locals are really kind and accommodating.