To keep the privileges, Japanese locals should renew their passport every few years and well in-advance of expiry.

Here’s everything you need to know about it. 


Passport Validity

The passport book is issued by the government only to Japanese citizens for 5 (blue cover) or 10 (red cover) years. Persons below the age of 19 get the blue one. If you are 20 and above, you have the right to choose between the 2 options. Since 2006, all ID documents are backed with biometric data hence only in-person applications are accepted. 

Getting a Japanese passport if you’re a foreigner may be a tough job. Even marrying a citizen doesn’t automatically make you eligible for naturalization. The first step to obtaining the document would be to get a permanent resident status by meeting the requirements:

  • Living in the country for 3 years or more for at least 292 days per year
  • 20 years old and legal competence. Exceptions are dependents who obtain citizenship with their parents
  • Proficiency in written and spoken Japanese
  • Ability to support yourself with at least $2,000 per month. The money can be provided by your spouse or relatives
  • Lack of any other citizenship. You lose it after you get the Japanese one


5 Easy Steps to Renew Your Passport

Applications are only accepted in paper format and in person. Follow this simple guide to have it done fast and without delay:

1. Fill in the Application on the Official Government Website
Get the form at the nearest passport center or print one out. Enter the necessary data without any typos and make sure to double check the information. A mistake can prolong the renewal process.

2. Prepare Documents in Advance
• Check that the passport is about to expire
• Two 3,5x4,5 cm passport photos for Japan 
• The original birth certificate

3. Pay the Fee
The price depends on the type of passport you choose. The usual fee for an adult passport book is ¥16,000. To settle the payment you can perform a bank transfer or pay in cash.

4. Book an Appointment at the Nearest Passport Center
Before heading to the center, get a confirmed appointment to skip the queues. Bring your photos along to submit with the documents and biometrics.

5. Wait for the Approval
Applications are processed under 5 working ways. You’ll get a notification when your renewed ID is ready for pick up. 


How to Get a Compliant Photo for Your Application

Getting your photo done using an online editing service can save you a ton of time as well as money. A certified photo app has automated tools to crop and enhance your photo and make it 100% acceptable for application at any official institution. Just upload the image taken with a smartphone, choose the purpose of the ID and country. The online software has a database with various requirements and works with any format. You’ll get a digital photo in the end ready for download.


Why Is the Online Software Better Than Offline Agencies

The process takes just a few minutes to take the shot, upload the file and download the results.

It costs less than in any photo studio. You save on commuting and payment for services.

You do everything online when it’s most convenient for you. The procedure is easy to complete even by inexperienced users.


Tips on How to Improve the Quality of Your Passport Photo

It’s not hard to take a pic right from home. You don’t have to make any special preparations. Choose a well-lit spot, natural light is best, so set up across the window during daytime. Make sure there are no dark or over-exposed spots on your face or other persons in the frame.

Don’t take a selfie, there should be 1.5 meters distance between you and the camera. If no one is around at the moment, make a video by fixing the phone at the right height. Look straight into the camera, with shoulders a little back and chin up. Then pick the right moment and take a screenshot. This is one of the methods you could use, but taking an actual photo in the first place is best, so the quality is 100% not compromised. 

Wear minimum makeup. Guys are advised to have their hair cut at least a week before for a sharper look. And don’t worry about the background. The online photo booth will edit it out and substitute it with the right color.

If your passport is about to expire, use the government services and renew your identification document. Apply in person with 2 color photos, compliant with official requirements. Trust the professional online software to edit your image to quit worrying about the format.