Remote work has become the most sought-for opening in recent years. Whether it’s teaching, online transcription activity, or another occupation, people want to make it flexible. This is an obvious wish because the world is changing, and so does society, its moods, and prospects.

It’s a good idea to try remote work to travel around the world while still being passionate about the occupation you have. What are the perks of following the unstable, but provocative desire to work remotely? There are a couple of perks that can convince you to switch from your regular schedule.

Let’s check why you may want to open a new page in your career and what options are here to consider.


Top 5 Perks of Remote Work

Why do people seek new job opportunities these days? There are multiple answers to the questions.

Some of you may want to change a mundane routine and switch to the adventurous job path. Others are convinced that online remote work is the future of the job market. No matter what makes you turn your thoughts in a different direction.

Here are some reasons why you have to try to live in this mode.

1. Mobility

Let’s start with the first point which sounds impressive and convincing at the same time. Mobility is the key in the modern world. When you have a job you can travel with, nothing stops you. You don’t need to visit the office building or find the appropriate train for the morning ride to the office. Mobility is about flexibility and convenience that remote work can ensure.

2. Wide range of choices

In recent years, the number of remote job openings increased. More people can find themselves in remote work. It’s not only about the programming options. You can find a lot of occupations for almost any taste. Latest events in the world made businesses switch to the remote mode and adjust their activity to the online space. Hence, there are way more chances to enter the world of remote work, than in previous years.


3. Opportunities to grow

If you become an expert in the given field, you can grow your expertise and climb the career ladder. The opportunities are immense for remote workers. You can enter the global market, seek opportunities in other countries and travel around the world enhancing your professionalism.

4. Work-life balance

This is another great reason why many people pursue the idea of remote work. When you don’t visit the office on a daily basis, you can dedicate more time to the hobbies and other activities you like.

5. Self-management

Remote work can train your skills and check if you’re a good candidate for the remote job opportunity. You won’t need to follow up on a job you don’t like, because the schedule and the mode of work will leave you out of the competition. Hence, the remote job will train your discipline and give you a full understanding of the specificity of the work.


How to Find Remote Jobs to Travel

It’s easy to find jobs because the market is full of options for any newcomer who enters it. So, if you decide to join the remote mode and look for a job, let’s check what doors are open for you.


Let’s start with the most promising and easy-to-handle job. A transcriptionist is a well-paid occupation. And it’s an easy one because you can use high-quality transcription services to ensure the most accurate results of your work. When you work with a client and want to ensure the fastest results, a well-developed transcription service will help. This is the reason why many people decide to try themselves in a transcription company, such as Transcriberry when entering the online job market, whether it’s a video or audio transcription.


Translating is another occupation popular among online users. If you decide to become a translator, you open the door to a whole new world of opportunities. It’s easy to find clients online, offers the best results, and fast work with the help of the transcription website for accurate text translation. The more tools you use in your work, the better the result could be. You don’t need a decent knowledge of the subject, because there are handy online tools for help.


Writing is easy when you’re passionate about it. If you want to find a new passion and get money from your work, it’s time to practice more in writing. It’s one of the best examples of remote work because you can travel around the world without compromising your working schedule. And now that businesses are increasingly seeing the value of content, they’re massively expanding their recruitment, using companies like Remote to facilitate global hiring. If you’re willing to look overseas, you can find the perfect copywriting job.

Content creator

This is a creative opportunity for the people who enjoy taking photos, creating visual designs, and working with online editors. What’s great about the job is its mobility. You can work online, get a position in a bigger company or work on your own. It’s easy to find clients who need help with content creation in any part of the world. It’s a relatively new, but quite promising job for starters.

Quality analyst

Now we switch to more technically focused occupations. The quality analyst is a responsible job option, but you can master it with ease. Having enough inspiration, you will be able to find clients and increase your income fast with the wide set of opportunities on the market for quality analysts.


We all know that programmers work mostly from home or can take on remote projects. If you are interested in computing systems, coding, and different programming languages, you should try them yourself in programming. It’s a challenging, yet not that complicated option to try. If you take it seriously and discipline yourself, you will reach the necessary level of expertise to work with clients, take first projects and travel the world with your new obsession.


This is another content-related opening. However, it’s mostly focused on the technical aspects. The outcomes of the work will be interesting and catchy, but the process is a bit tiring. You have to grasp how different online tools for web design work. It may take some time to train and develop your skill set. But the opportunities are endless, as well as the remunerations. So, you should try this option, if you’re interested in web design and want to express your creativity.


Teaching is one of the easiest occupations you can turn into an online job. If you already worked with students in person, you can easily switch to the online mode. If you’re at the beginning of your teaching career, it’s better that you start online. First of all, it will give you a chance to travel around the world and see new places. Second of all, you will be able to find clients from different parts of the country or the whole world. It can positively affect your salary.

Fitness coach

You might have thought that a fitness coach is the last option to see on the list. But this is a very convenient job for remote work. Due to the wide range of online media platforms, you can share your training sessions with your followers, work on special programs for people on a diet or create an online fitness center. This is a nice way to inspire others through the screen of the phone or laptop. Furthermore, a lot more people can join you when you offer online training.

Digital artist

Let’s close the list with another creative position. If you enjoy drawing or painting, you can transform your hobby into a well-paid and remote job. This is a sought-after occupation for many online users. If you have a tablet and a digital pen, you can create art masterpieces traveling around the world. All you need is to find your client pool and promote yourself.


There are lots of ways you can try yourself in remote work. If you want to draw the benefits from the online job market, check out the list of occupations. A transcriptionist, translator, content creator, or even a fitness coach are the relevant jobs to try these days. You can travel and see the whole world while following your dream career.