So if you’re a struggling college student looking for paper writing help, follow these tips.


Get professional writing help

Writing doesn’t come easy to everyone. While it’s always challenging, some students are just naturally good at putting their ideas into words. Those who aren’t rarely end up in humanities. But even STEM programs aren’t completely devoid of writing. As a STEM student, you’ll still have to take at least a couple of compulsory courses akin to Composition or Academic Writing.

You’ll for sure get better over time—practice makes perfect. But meanwhile, if you want to get high grades to save your GPA and avoid difficult conversations with your professors, professional paper writing help might be what’s best for you. It’s a chance to buy yourself some time to work on your writing skills.

Most writing assistance services are easy to navigate, so anyone can order a paper from them using their smartphone. And as long as the email notifications are on, their customer support representatives will have no problem contacting the student (for any clarifications). Smartphones are all about finding convenient solutions on the go, and professional writing services are no exception.


Take notes and use note-taking apps

Most students already use notes on their smartphones every day. Just like everyone else, they write down grocery lists, to-do lists, cool ideas they came up with while on the treadmill, and whatnot. Even the most die-hard technophobes are no longer relying on a pen and paper alone.

Do the same, but add writing practice to the list of what you use your notes for. For example, try to write a draft of an introduction for the essay that is due next week while standing in line. Write down every interesting course-related idea that comes to your mind during the morning run. This will help you turn writing into a habit.

If notes on your smartphone seem inconvenient (or if you want to up your note-taking game), consider getting a couple of note-taking apps. They are great for basically everything, from helping one memorize the most important things from course readings and lectures to practicing one’s writing skills. Evernote and Notion are the best options, but there are tons of alternatives.


Find the essay-writing app that works for you

Note-taking apps aren’t the only type of apps that help students get better at writing using their smartphones. Various writing apps are available. Their functions range from typing assistance to offering exciting writing prompts for practice. Writing apps is a longer yet more lasting alternative to professional paper writing help. Some of the best ones to consider are:

Writing Challenge. Writing Challenge is a perfect app for students who’d like to write more but can’t come up with things to write about. It has thousands of original and inspiring prompts to offer.

Writer Plus. Writer Plus is a minimalist’s dream. It’s an awesome platform for writing down your ideas with a simple interface and no distractions. Writer Plus is the improved version of Writer (an older writing app).

Write! Write! follows the same approach as Write Plus. It’s a distraction-free app with an in-built editor. It works for different styles and texts, from academic papers to creative fiction.

Pages. Pages is only available to Apple users, but it’s a great multi-purpose app. Students can use it as a word processor, editor, and even for things akin to posters. It also has change tracking, which is great for analyzing one’s progress.


Set a timer to protect your work-rest balance

Even a smartphone feature as simple as a timer can help students polish their writing skills, especially when their main problem isn’t writing as such but procrastination. A timer can assist you in learning the discipline writing takes.

Every student should at least try to practice using a timer on their smartphone to find out how long they can write without getting distracted. Even if it’s 20 minutes, no problem. What matters is consistency. If you write for 20 minutes three times a day, it’s a step in the right direction. Over time, you’ll be able to increase your writing time.

But it’s also vital to protect one’s work-rest balance. Some writers can write for hours and hours in a row without as much as lifting their heads from the paper. It’s a no-go unless you want to burn out soon. The longest you should be writing without taking a break is about an hour and a half. Once this time is up, take a short break (preferably an active one).


Keep track of your progress

Finally, to avoid losing motivation, students can use their smartphones to monitor and analyze how their writing is gradually getting better, thanks to practice. One should keep track of their progress to understand if what they are doing works. Perhaps, it brings no results, and it’s time to switch the strategy.

Note-taking and productivity apps akin to Notion are perfect for this. Notion and most similar apps have visual progress bars. They show how far you’ve come and how close your goal is (in terms of daily writing time, number of errors, grades—whatever you focus on). Seeing one’s growth is the best motivation.


As you can see, your smartphone is a fantastic source of paper writing help. Depending on what a student is looking for, they can use their phone for ordering professional assistance or working on their own writing skills. Great note-taking, productivity, and word processing apps are very affordable (if not free) and helpful. And even a regular timer is useful for tracking one’s progress and maintaining a healthy work-rest balance.