This country is incredible, with options for every type of traveller. From hanging out in Mexico City for at least a couple of nights; or going to one of the many coastal resorts like Cancun for spectacular beaches and easy access to one of the greatest city’s of the Mayan empire, Chichen-Itza. Mexico will not disappoint, and in the main tourist areas its a lot safer than you might think.

One of our best tips for travel in Mexico is to get an eSIM, which allows you to connect to the internet on the go from anywhere in the country.


What is an eSIM?

eSIM stands for Embedded Subscriber Identity Module, now this might sound a little complicated, but in reality it is a modern alternative to a physical SIM card. In eSIM, the SIM is built directly into the phone, and so there is no need to remove or insert an actual physical SIM card.

eSIMs are a fantastic piece of modern technology, allowing you to easily connect your phone to a mobile data plan from your network provider without having to use/change a physical SIM.

So for example, if you are travelling to Mexico, the Americas or abroad, you can get fast access to the internet from your phone without having to rely on using your home phone network and expensive data rates.


Benefits of Buying an eSIM?

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Using your home phone data plan abroad can be really expensive but with an eSIM you can connect to the best network in Mexico for affordable prices. You’ll get to enjoy unlimited data in Mexico, browse the web, chat to friends, use apps and social media and don't worry about usage.

Using eSIM really is easy, the setup process can be done in minutes even if you aren’t super technologically minded. You can also keep your whatsApp number on your phone so that is another thing you don’t need to worry about.

Consider this, you are planning a trip to explore the fascinating Mexico City, doing a sightseeing bus tour, or venturing off independently to explore more of Mexico off the beaten track. Trying to seek out WiFi in public areas is a challenge, it can also make you a target for thieves.

But if you have an eSim, you do not need to worry about wandering the streets trying to find WiFi hotspots, you can literally have it in the palm of your hand wherever you go. Whether it be practising your Spanish, getting around, finding places to go, or just keeping in touch with back home for peace of mind, it really is a beneficial to have an eSIM. 

It can also give you peace of mind to get help especially when crime is always a back of your mind concern in Mexico.


Compatible devices with eSIM? 

Most modern phones are compatible with eSIM including Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel.


Companies Offering eSIM in Mexico 

These are some of the most popular companies offering eSIMs for Mexico:

  • Holafly
  • Telcel
  • AT&T
  • Movistar

Each operator offers similar packages with slight difference in data plans and prices.

For example, Holafly, one of the most popular companies to buy eSIMs for Mexico with charge the following prices for short and long term packages:  

  • 5 days - Unlimited Data: 19,00€
  • 10 days - Unlimited Data: 34,00€
  • 15 days - Unlimited Data: 47,00€
  • 20 days - Unlimited Data: 57,00€
  • 30 days - Unlimited Data: 69,00€
  • 60 days - Unlimited Data: 87,00€
  • 90 days - Unlimited Data: 99,00€


How to buy eSIM for Mexico

If you have never purchased or used an eSIM before it is very easy to get to work.

First, you will need to verify that your device is compatible, it probably is if you have a smartphone bought in the last 10 years, but you can check online. Then you can go online to check data packages. With Holafly, you can purchase a Mexico eSIM and then you will receive a QR Code to your e-mail. All you have to do is scan the code, go through the setup and then enjoy unlimited internet.

If you have never been to Mexico before you are in for a treat. This country is fantastic value for money, much safer than you might think and also there are so many unique destinations to check out. No matter if you want an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, or go on an overland adventure exploring ancient ruins and temples, having access to the internet will really enhance your trip.