But there are ways to save money which you can use towards other fun sightseeing activities.

Check out our top tips on how to save money on food when you travel and get inspired today.


1. Consider Street Food

No matter where you go in the world you will be sure to find street vendors in most villages, towns and cities. In popular destinations like Bangkok, London, Prague you can find some of the best snack and meal food at low low prices, usually a fraction of the cost of eating at a restaurant.

Eating street food simply means that you will be getting your food from sidewalk food vendor carts instead of dining at restaurants. Many of these vendors offer better deals than what some other eateries in the area will offer.

Certain vendors are known to sell hotdogs, sandwiches and other popular foods. You may even have the chance to sample delicacies that will allow you to experience a new side of the local culture.

If you are looking to plan a gap year or travel abroad on a budget then street food is one of the best ways to keep your budget going for longer.


2. Use Apps & Website Discounts

Some websites like Groupon and even print publications features coupons on food that can be used in places where you plan to travel.

Some websites have even created lists for food and drink costs that can save you money on beer and other alcoholic beverages. For example, some infographs will save you find the cheapest place to buy beers around the world.


3. Dine with the Locals

Travel Food Cheap Tips

Locals know how to avoid areas where tourists commonly gather since many of the restaurants in these areas are known to inflate their prices on meals.

If you venture off the beaten path and dine where the locals commonly eat, you will likely be able to enjoy a great meal for considerably less money.


4. Eat In

Street food fruit

If you are staying at an accommodation or hostel that includes an in-room kitchen or communal cooking facilities, you can prepare your own meals and save yourself the expense of dining out at restaurants.

You can go to local stores to buy meats, vegetables and even frozen meals that can sustain you while you travel. Before you go to the store, be sure to look for any coupons that could save you even more money.


5. Book a Tour

If you pre-book a tour abroad then you will need to pay an upfront fee, but then benefit is you will usually get all meals included. Local tour guides will also be able to take you to eat in the best authentic local cafes and restaurants.

There are also structured experiences like volunteering programs which usually include accommodation and all means in the price meaning you will be able to spend more money on the things you love doing.

It’s easy to save money on food while traveling if you are willing to think outside the box and do a little homework before setting out on your journey. Saving money on food will still allow you to enjoy great meals while giving you the chance to immerse yourself in new experiences.