Netflix is available in over 190 countries. Salesforce boasts 59 offices across 28 nations. Multinational corporations, ambitious startups, and small businesses have all been capitalizing on the trend. The difficulty, however, is evident, as easy access to markets means more competition. 

Mexico, for example, is an extremely large country with a massive population, extensive infrastructure, and a border with the world’s biggest economy. Finding the keys to acquiring and retaining consumers there now can be of great benefit in the coming years. 

Today’s entrepreneurs have access to brand-new toys, like AI and chatbots. They are easy and cheap to maintain, don’t take days off, and can be modified to suit your needs. It’s evident, however, that consumers often prefer talking to another human and find people more responsive and helpful.

A VoIP program is another great tool that’s become available in recent years. For example, the Yolla app offers calling to Mexico at extremely attractive rates, allowing a fully dedicated team or a hardworking individual to reach their customers.


Direct Calling

Having a phone line is a tried and tested method for reaching customers or allowing them to reach you. It’s still one of the most convenient and familiar ways of addressing customer queries. No matter what area your company operates in, be it a manufacturing operation or a business offering consulting services, offering a direct calling option to your clients is a necessity. 

A skilled operator wielding a phone can resolve customer issues on the spot. An experienced sales agent can sway a wavering mind and be the deciding factor. A tech support team member can often remove the necessity in a refund during a short call with some basic instructions. 

Although more time-consuming, the personal approaches that humans can take during a phone call, can make all the difference and ultimately be money savers. A good experience with a support team member can also leave a lasting impression and improve brand perception. 



Chatbots are becoming an extremely useful tool for companies when it comes to easing the workload. Whilst still in its infancy, the technology allows for personalized assistants capable of addressing a plethora of customer inquiries, at the same time collecting invaluable data. 

There may come a time when AI-powered chatbots will become smart enough to remove all necessities in human interaction. The progress being made with these fascinating tools is great, and they could one day be amazing assistants. The future is bright.



Being able to clearly and creatively showcase your products and or services is vital to achieving success on a global scale. Releasing constant updates and news is a great way to keep the users interested and invested in the company. Ensuring a constant stream of information can improve trust in your business. 

A well-crafted website is one of the crucial factors in presenting your company says AdFixus. An incredible website is the best business card available, as its reach is broad and all-encompassing. It’s typically the first point of contact between most consumers and a business. 

Another great instrument to have at your disposal is a skillfully managed newsletter. Most people now have a great understanding of email newsletters and have become great at taking advantage of the ones they’re truly interested in. Most email services, such as Gmail, have created specialized functionality for such purposes. 

Having your enterprise represented in the most widespread international languages is a great step to ensure larger market penetration. Going a step further and implementing new languages to suit the various nationalities and cultures you’re servicing or selling your products can help develop a blossoming relationship between your business and the clients.

This data-driven approach can help elevate you above the competition and make you stand out to the clients feeling disenfranchised or left out. 


An enterprising individual will be looking to utilize these and other tools to maintain their relationships with consumers. The globalization of recent years means that to retain their customers’ trust and ultimately business, they will need to be incredibly flexible and adaptive. Those who integrate new technologies whilst also making sure they are supportive throughout the product’s life cycle will come out as winners.