Since 2006, when it launched, twitter has held up its name as being one of the most popular social media platforms around for both individuals and businesses alike. 

Companies, bloggers and general users can find many benefits using the platform, such as the many growth services like Twesocial, which can be used to buy followers and more. These days there are over 300 million active daily users on the platform that you, as a marketer, have access to.

You can interact with so many more people that you would normally be able to in the real world and there are tons of benefits that come with this. Travellers can leverage the power of twitter by being able to reach a massive audience and post within a niche to a specific target audience. This creates a strong and loyal following.

However, getting started and getting people to notice you on twitter can be challenging because of just how much competition there is out there. If you need some help with this, here are a few tips for travellers to follow when looking for success on Twitter. 


1. Hashtags

One tool that just about everyone knows about but not too many know how to use effectively and efficiently, is hashtags.

Hashtags are incredibly underrated and can do so much for anyone who knows how to use them correctly. As a traveller, you want to be posting to a niche and target audience that you know will enjoy your content, this means using hashtags related to travel just as the name of the place you are visit, the airlines you used to get there, or even just generic ones like #travel. 

Hashtags offer so many benefits to those who are looking to grow their account and find success on X (Twitter), including the fact that it makes your content far more discoverable by people who will actually enjoy it. This is done by targeting that audience through the specific hashtags in order to gain more followers.

When using hashtags there are a few rules to follow. Always make sure you are only using hashtags related to your content, and while it may be tempting, never spam too many hashtags as this can get annoying. Try to keep it to a maximum of 4 or 5. 


2. Post Quality Updates Often

One thing to keep in mind when you are trying to find success on Twitter as a traveller, is that you should be posting as often as possible.

While this may be difficult and you might feel like you don’t have enough content to be posting multiple times a day, you need to create a plan that ensures that you will have something to post at least once a day. 

Another thing to keep in mind when posting is the time that you post. Typically, you want to post when you know your audience will be the most active on twitter and will be sure to see your content.

These times are generally in the morning between 8 and 10 and in the evening between 9 and 11. If you post outside of these hours, you will still get some kind of engagement, but you will not be optimising your schedule and posting. 


3. Geotags

One of the newer features added to various social media platforms including X (Twitter), is the ability to geotag your location when you post.

Some people may be a bit nervous to do this or to share their location, but as a person posting their travels on social media or someone looking to be a travel influencer, you need to be showing off where you are going and telling people where you have been. 

Geo tagging is fantastic, not only because others can see where you have been, but the algorithm also picks this up and shares your content with people who are in close proximity to you too. It is a fantastic way to be a lot more discoverable.