One of the most popular social media sites that helps travellers share photos and videos is Instagram. Many people get to experience some of these marvellous places through the photos and videos of others on Instagram.

More recently, with the pandemic, it is more attractive to experience travel through Instagram since most people haven't been able to travel but their phones are still with them. 

Travel is one of the biggest categories on Instagram and any traveller can grow really big on the platform if they are aware of the tools and features that Instagram offers, especially when used in conjunction with services like Growthoid that help users to get IG followers using organic methods.

There are different ways you can grow your following and keep them, here are some top tips. 


1. Unique Content

Most people on Instagram use it to binge and entertain themselves which means that content must stand out of the crowd to grab attention.

Unique content has its own voice or impression it creates on the customer. The content must be new, different, interesting, funny and entertaining. There is different content that stands out for the different categories on Instagram such as food, architecture, beaches, culture and art.

What counts as unique content in one category may not count as unique in another. This means the more creative you are within your niche, the greater your chances of attracting followers. Even within travel, there are more niches such as beaches, backpacking or luxury so you may be spoilt for choice.

While drawing in followers may be easy, maintaining them will require consistency in posting relevant and unique content. It is not just about one hit wonders when it comes to content. 


2. Use hashtags 

Hashtags are the easiest way to bundle up similar content on Instagram. They bring together similar content, similar users and provide an easy way to discover what content applies to specific niches that you may want to target. Instead of reinventing the wheel, hashtags will give you a foot in the door of what your type of followers are interested in.

Popular hashtags are a great way to get popular as well by creating content relevant to them. If you are lucky, it may go viral but even if you are not, you will ride on the wave of that hashtag. If following the trendy hashtags is not for you, you can create your own hashtag custom to your page though this may be the harder route to take.

While Instagram gives you the option to use up to 30 hashtags, the recommended amount is adding around 9. 


3. Optimization 

Your Instagram page is your location or home on the social media platform. You need to do it justice with all the bells and whistles that will attract your type of followers. It is important to have all the necessary information that will make it clear what you are about, what value your page brings to followers, as this will help you to increase your follower base.

Your bio tells your story and should be short, attractive and with a link to your website. The more memorable and easier to remember the username, the better. Great quality images for a cover photo will also add rapport to your page. It is also important to update all the information on your page to consistently reflect where your business is at during each period. 


4. Stories 

Since 2016, 250 million Instagram users have shared content on Instagram stories. Stories is also responsible for the jump in time spent on Instagram from 24 minutes to 32, about 8 minutes more. One in five Instagram stories shared by a brand leads to a direct reply.

This feature allows users to share photos and videos to followers that disappear after 24 hours and gives users tools to make their content more engaging. Due to the ability to direct reply, there is more opportunity for followers to interact with an account. 


Instagram is an awesome platform for travellers. With different features from hashtags, stories and features that allow you to create more engaging content, engagement with followers becomes easier. By using these tips, gaining more followers can be easier done than said.