Having dual citizenship is a crucial step in internationalizing your life. It will ensure your benefits like improved travel potential, tax optimization, and protection against controlling governments.

Here are some ways how you can get a second citizenship and why you should do it.


Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by investment is also known as “economic citizenship” and it’s the easiest and fastest way to obtain a second passport.

The process is easy and straightforward. The country will start the process of obtaining citizenship once you make an investment of a particular amount or purchase real estate. This will take around six months, so do not get fooled by scammers who say they will do it faster. There is no residency requirement and sometimes you don’t even need to visit the countries. 

If you are considering getting a second passport, you should put all of your trust in companies that are professional in the field like NTL Trust to guide you in the process. This is a team of professionals that will help you achieve your goals and increase your economic and personal freedom while traveling visa-free to more than a hundred destinations. 

The prices for obtaining citizenship by investment can go up over time, so you might be wondering whether these programs are worth it? They are worth it if you need citizenship. In countries like Jordan, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, St.Lucia, Grenada, St. Kitts, and Nevis, Egypt, Turkey, Malta, Montenegro, and Vanuatu you can get citizenship by investing.


Citizenship by Marriage

If you are planning on getting married, or you already are, this is the perfect way to get citizenship. Citizenship by marriage is almost a guarantee that you’ll get it.

However, we are not implying that you should marry just for citizenship, but if you are in the process of tying the knot, then why not consider citizenship as well?

Countries like the USA and France will track the process of obtaining citizenship, while in places like Cape Verde, you will immediately become a citizen once you get married.


Citizenship by Descent

You might be eligible for dual citizenship without even knowing! Some countries offer ancestral citizenship for people who can prove their family ties to the country. This way you can obtain a second passport. Some people can claim this type of citizenship method and get extra freedom.


Citizenship by Naturalization

Citizenship by naturalization is a long-term process where you’ll need to spend time in the country, build up legal residence time, and apply for citizenship. In the same way, as British, American, or Canadian naturalizations happen, you can become a naturalized citizen in another country if you are willing to be patient.

It’s a process that can take from 3 to 30 years and this will depend on the legislation in the country you reside or the entire naturalization process requirements. Some countries have strict requirements when applying for such citizenship so you must reside physically in the country.

For others, all you need is to visit the country once or twice a year. There might be historical knowledge exams, and cultural and language exams to pass a certain test and obtain dual citizenship.


Citizenship by Fast-Track Naturalization

There are no shortcuts that will grant you fast-track citizenship. This term often refers to citizenship by exception and it’s at the discretion of the head of state. An example of such citizenship can be seen in the Middle East.

These countries offer this type of naturalization when they want to recruit African athletes to compete for their countries. They will grant them citizenship and the athletes will be sent to the Olympic games.

This is a common practice in other Asian countries for people gifted in arts. It’s a great opportunity to get a dual passport and secure your future.


Why You Should Get a Second Citizenship?

There are a lot of benefits to obtaining second citizenship, besides the freedom to travel visa-free in many countries.

As we mentioned previously, for those who find themselves traveling often, having a dual passport is great. Additionally, there are endless business opportunities to expand business ventures. You can easily find a job in another country without having to worry about the endless process of obtaining a work permit.

Having a second option is better and allows you for more safety. Unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or market crashes can leave you penniless in your home. With this second option, you can go to another country and apply for a job. Let’s not forget the chance of having a quality education via programs like Global Partnership for Education - GPE.