4 Fast Ways to Find a Job You Love

4 Fast Ways to Find a Job You Love

A lot of employees, including those with successful and high-earning careers, aren’t satisfied with what they do. If that’s the case for you, it’s time to change your job or even your entire career.

Most people spend up to 100,000 hours of their lives at work. So even if you’re part of the “I don’t dream of labor” movement, it’s essential that you enjoy what you do.

So here are four ways to get a job you’ll love.


1. Make the Most of LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn is the go-to place for job seekers, recruiters, and employers alike. You can totally use the power of LinkedIn to land a job you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s what you have to do to maximize your chances:

Make your profile searchable using keywords
Every recruiter and hiring manager relies on the LinkedIn search to find profiles of people they might be interested in. So make sure yours has enough keywords (roles, industry-specific terms, and more). This way, it will rank high in search results. Hire one of the services with impressive career advice accomplishments if you feel like you need help with updating your profile.

Be active in LinkedIn groups
Employers and hiring managers often lurk in LinkedIn groups relevant to their industry. Engage with other users there and write regularly to make yourself noticeable. Your chances of getting a message from your dream company’s recruiter will go up.

Maintain your network
All job seekers should keep in touch with their past and current colleagues, college alumni, and even members of the faculty. Everyone you know in an industry similar to yours is an asset in your job search.

Don’t be afraid to text the hiring manager of the company you dream to work at
Finally, all experts from recruiting firms recommend job seekers be more proactive. It’s perfectly okay to text a recruiter, hiring manager, or even employer first if you feel like you’re a great candidate for a job opening they have.


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Career, No Matter How Far Along You Are

Finally, the most important piece of advice a job seeker can get is to not be afraid of major changes. One of the things a lot of recruiters and career coaching experts are complaining about is that tons of awesome professionals who are no longer satisfied with their industry or line of work think that they’re “too old” to change a career.

But in reality, until one is ready to retire, there’s no such thing as being “too old” for any career changes, even major ones. Just so you know, Pope Francis used to be a bouncer for a while. Michael Bloomberg was the CEO of Bloomberg before going into politics at the tender age of 59.

Let these examples inspire you. Feel free to start a completely new career if you feel like it, no matter how impressive your career accomplishments are. Sure, you probably won’t become a world-class ballet dancer if you’re 35. But you can totally become a successful dance class instructor. Allow yourself to live your life the way you want to live it.


3. Write a Top CV

Job seekers who haven’t updated their resumes in a while can’t do without expert advice. Not only can your accomplishments be highlighted by experts from online ResumeService24, but they can also conceal any drawbacks in your work experiences to help you get more interviews. They are also irreplaceable if you want to ensure your resume passes ATS and other resume-scanning software.

But even an applicant who changes their job roughly once a year and knows the job market well can benefit from professional help. After all, no one knows how to craft a winning resume better than a career expert does. While not free, their services are well worth the investment because one’s chances of finding a dream job grow twofold.


4. Consider Career Coaching Experts

Whether you feel stuck in your career or just want to find a new job, hiring a career advice expert is the best thing you can do. Perhaps, your key skills and work experience open the doors for you that you don’t even know. A professional can analyze what you bring to the table as an employee and recommend you something new.

What’s more, a career coaching expert knows everything there is to know about the current trends in the job market and up-and-coming industries. Everything is very volatile now. So it’s perfectly understandable why many job seekers are worried their skills might get irrelevant soon. A professional career coach will answer all your questions and tell you what you might need to invest in your career.

Finally, a lot of job seekers with traditional office jobs want more flexibility and would like to land an interview for an online job instead. A career coaching expert can guide them and let them know what their chances are and what skills they need to work on to succeed.


Overall, the two main things you need to do to land a job you’ll love are to get professional career advice and invest in a good LinkedIn profile. Resume-writing and career coaching experts will tell you everything you need to know. And if your current qualification doesn’t match your future career plans, don’t be afraid to change it. You only live once and all that.