Thus, everyone from the entertainment industry and advertising business knows how important visual perception of information is. So, visual content makers are overwhelmed with work all the time. 

What is more, considering the fact that social media has become the most popular and demanded platform for the promotion of literally anything, it is necessary to reckon with the trends that they set.

Nowadays the most prominent social networks Instagram and TikTok highlight short videos. The reason is not only in the fact that users do not want static pictures because they are looking for more life in the content. The most important is that the animated content is what users can remember. The abundance of visual content does not allow the eye to catch on to something. However, any movement attracts attention. 

So, one more visual content trend provoked by social media is all types of animated graphics. The video format is not always appropriate for a marketing project, but it is necessary to keep the animation feature in the visual content.

So, the animated graphics products are not just effective but convenient. Of course, the creation of animated graphics cannot be called elementary. However, today the process can be as simple as never before if you use a free animated graphics maker by a company like VistaCreate. 

The online service makes the animation creation process accessible even for inexperienced beginners.  


VistaCreate Online Animated Graphics Maker

The great popularity of all kinds of motion design has caused the development of online design tools. Thus, today there are a lot of possibilities to simplify the animation creation because you do not have to do every process manually. Most of the necessary creation processes can be provided automatically by special online services like VistaCreate. 

The animation maker provided by VistaCreate can cope with any task from Instagram Stories to the original website design. 

Advantages of the animated graphics maker:  

Great collection of templates. VistaCreate provides over 5.000 templates for various types of animations and more than 70.000 patterns for stickers, images, videos, etc. The service offers ready-to-use animated layouts as well as a collection of fonts, backgrounds, objects, and others. 

Media library update. VistaCreate is tracking trends and design novelties. So, the pattern collection is replenished with new images, icons, fonts, etc. regularly. 

Animation layouts adapted to social media. The animation maker offers not only templates, which are considered to be trendy and demanded on different social networks. It also provides animation formats appropriate for posting on social media. 

Free service. The platform provides a variety of services, which all are in the public domain. To start using any of them, users need to register on the website to create a personal account, which is necessary for uploading and storing materials and ready-to-use projects.

Easiness of editing tools. The animation maker is perfect for beginning designers because it offers an easy-to-use interface, a clear menu, and is ready to realize any of your ideas. 

Time save. With the VistaCreate many processes seem to be done by themselves because you do not put any effort into them. The point is that the main task of the service is to minimize manual work and accelerate the creation of animations. 

Unlimited storage. You can practice and experiment as much as you want because it is possible to store all files in the unlimited storage of your account on VistaCreate. 


How to Start Using the VistaCreate Animations Maker

To make your first animated graphic product with the VistaCreate online maker do the following steps:

Determine the animated format (VistaCreate offers 4 formats for animations: Instagram Video Story, Square Video Post, Video Full HD, and Facebook Video Cover)

Select an appropriate template (you can choose one from the media library or upload your own animation layout)

Make the project unique (add design elements, edit the text, its font, and size, highlight objects, make the background transparent, etc.)

Download the finished animation as an .mp4 file 

In addition, VistaCreate allows users to share their animations to social media accounts directly from the VistaCreate account. 


It does not matter if you need to produce a simple sticker with animated objects or a big promotion project, which includes a series of interconnected animated videos, any task will be easier with the VistaCreate animated graphics maker.

The online service not only saves time and energy but also assures access to the great media library with trendy templates. This makes VistaCreate animations maker especially attractive for newbies in design. As for experienced designers, the VistaCreate collection of animation layouts can be a great inspiration and a way to track the latest design trends. 

Animation patterns adaptation to social media makes the service perfect for social network promotion.