Most people associate them with politicians, celebrities, and other high-rolling members of society. However, with the increased unreliability of commercial airlines, more businesses and people are considering charter flights as a better option.

Not only are they convenient, but they are also potentially time and money-saving. However, before choosing a charter company, you'll want to make a few considerations.


Overall Knowledge

Unlike commercial flights where you often feel like you're at the whim of the airline, private jet charter flights should be tailored to your needs.

From the first contact you make with the charter jet company to your arrival, you should receive excellent customer service from a knowledgeable team. The best choice for your needs is the service provider that will answer your calls, review your options, and provide you with the service you need at a competitive price.

Be prepared to spend a little extra time when making your choice. For example, companies like Paramount Business Jets have a dedicated safety manager who reviews every flight, but this isn't required in the charter jet industry.

Make sure to ask about the company and do your research on their reputation. This is an area where it's well worth doing a little more research ahead of time.


Review Market Standing

Aircraft charter flights are in a small but competitive business. This leads many businesses to choose the least expensive option, and pricing is certainly an area to consider.

However, you'll want to pay close attention to the company's reputation before going any further. Read through customer reviews in order to get a better idea of how the company is meeting their customer's needs.

If you've had associates or friends who have used charter jet services, ask them about their experiences. A first-hand review is a huge asset when making your decision.


Ask About Replacements

Even the most attentive charter jet company is going to run into some problems. Planes frequently experience mechanical problems.

This doesn't have to mean problems for your travel needs though. Delays may occur, but you should never have to worry about being stranded.

Ask the private jet rental service how they handle these types of problems. They should have a plan in place, so avoid any companies that can't provide you with a good response.

You should also avoid any charter jet companies that have additional fees or costs in these scenarios.


Review the Aircraft

You may not be an aviation expert, but you should consider the fleet of aircraft that the company provides.

A good private jet charter provider should have a range of sizes which have different capabilities for passenger and luggage capacity. The size will also have specific capabilities for speed, range, and onboard amenities.

Choose a company that has the size of plane that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that while a smaller aircraft will be more expensive, it will also have a shorter range and may be less comfortable as well as slower.

Review the age of the plane and the crew as well. Older aircraft often make people nervous but older aircraft are perfectly safe when they are maintained well. They may have fewer amenities though, so review this if it’s important.

There is also a relationship between a well-trained and experienced crew and price. Employing highly trained pilots, attendants, and maintenance personnel isn't cheap.

However, since safety is a key concern, ensure that the members of the flight crew and maintenance are experienced at their jobs.


Review Safety Standards

All private jets are regulated by the CAA, which sets standards for maintenance, in addition to pilot experience and training.

These minimums may not be enough in the case of poor weather conditions or other problems. It may be worth looking into the specifics of the company's safety standards.

Make sure to ask for the company's certification. This is proof that the company has been authorized and can lawfully offer private jet hire services. If they cannot provide this proof, then they are working illegally or are a broker functioning similarly to a travel agent. Make sure to review this certificate before hiring a company.

Also, ask how long the company has been operating. A new company isn't necessarily a bad choice. However, companies that are well-established are often going to be more capable.

Some of the best charter air services have been operating for over 40 years and have built up a good reputation for themselves. Having an established company means that they're probably prepared for a variety of situations, which can bring you greater peace of mind.

While reviewing the company, make sure to ask about the Wyvern or ARGUS safety trip reports. These two companies are independent safety organizations, which can certify charter jet companies.

They generate safety reports on charter flights, ensure that companies are keeping up-to-date with their maintenance, and verify that the pilots have been trained in the past six months. These independent safety reports are held by the best charter companies, so only choose one that has one or both of these reports available.


Customer Service

A good receptionist can make or break a company.

While the people who answer the phones aren't going to be flying the plane, they make a huge difference in the level of service that you receive. When you call the company, was your call answered promptly and your questions answered in a timely manner? Were any complaints or other concerns addressed to your satisfaction?

Since flying can be uncertain for a number of reasons, you only want to choose a company that has excellent communication and customer service skills. If you had a problem at any point along the way, did the charter service upgrade you or do their best to make amends? It's the small things that can really set a company apart.

Don't settle for less in this area. You may find that you have fewer regrets by paying attention to this small but important detail.


Meeting Your Needs

Many businesses hire charter jets for their teams or VIPs and want luxurious travel.

Other times, you may simply want to make your trip as simple as possible without paying for any upgrades. Charter jet companies should aim to meet your needs without making you pay for luxuries that you don't want or needs.

A good charter company will work to find the best option for your needs and budget. Communicate what you expect on your trip and be wary if you're constantly being asked to pay for services that you don't need or want.

Since these luxury items are an easy way for companies to increase their profits, avoid charter jet companies that won't let you skip these services. A good company will have these options available but work hard to find the jet which meets your specifications.



Finding a charter jet company is fairly simple, but not all of them are created equal. It may take some time to find the best one for your needs, but it's well worth the extra time and effort. Use these considerations to pick the right private charter jet service for your next trip.