However, sometimes life gets in the way, and we seem to be unable to cope with everything any longer, as there is no anchor to hold us. That precise moment, when there is no strength to move, is a clear sign that we need a global shake-up to change our perspective and direction.

Here are some important things you can do to make positive steps in your life and improve it for the better. 


1. Understand Why You Need to Change

Knowing why you need to change, and getting control over yourself can really help so try to work out your feelings about what is making you happy, sad, or feeling the way you are.

Determine where your locus is, and what little steps you could to change. If something is making you unhappy, could you try talking or making an action plan. 


2. Sabattical

If you are stuck in a rut in a job you don't enjoy, a gap year or career break could be for you. The main idea is to extend your horizons, go and explore the world around you, and get acquainted with new towns, countries, or continents. Sometimes even a trip to the neighboring town can become a turning point.


3. Travel

Traveling is always one of the first things people consider when needing a recharge. And for good reason too, exploring new countries and cultures really is one of the most revitalizing things you can do, and there are so many places you can go.  

For those who crave something ground-breaking, there are remote natural wonders like the Canary Islands, Iceland, Antarctica, Faroe Islands, Machu-Picchu, Norway, Arctic Circle, and New Zealand - the list can go on and on. The pristine beauty and uniqueness of such places will capture your heart and challenge your views on life.

These trips require proper planning if going solo, or you could consider group tours.

If you want to try something entirely new, including the way of transportation, you may choose to go to the ends of the world, as the best way to travel to Antarctica or the Arctic Circle is by boat. The cold, severe, and untouched beauty will help you face your fears and alter your attitude toward life.


4. Join Outdoor Clubs

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to help your mental and physical health, and what better way to stay healthy than joining social outdoor clubs.

The beauty of the landscapes will just fill up your tank leaving no place for worries and disturbances. Mountains teach you to love simple things and make do with the essentials, but in the meanwhile, you will feel fully content with your life.

Mountain hiking can give you a sense of freedom, and there is nothing that can stop your movement toward the peak, there is only you, your perseverance, and your physical strength.

Mountains are great listeners, you can share your burdening thoughts without being interrupted or criticized, or judged, and the solution will seem to come out of nowhere.


5. Seek Out Adventure

Does skydiving sound scary? It is scary and even terrifying. When you see people jumping with a parachute, you may think they are insane. However, this can be your starting point for real transformation.

A jump with a parachute is about fighting your inner fears and facing your monsters. The jump is not that physically challenging, it’s mainly about your ability to make the very first step and dive into the air pillow.

The adrenaline rush you get will charge you for the years ahead; your inner force will show up, helping you deal with all the upcoming turbulences of life. If you are able to make a step into the air bliss, you are able to cope with everything.


6. Acquire New Skills

Unlike school times, when you were obliged to learn everything, now you have a whole world of choices.

There is no need to toe the line anymore, as you are free to do whatever you want. The new skills should not be connected with professional growth in the first place, as it will not be for pleasure (unless your job is your hobby), but yet another mountain to conquer.

Do something for fun: cooking, carving, dancing, knitting, molding, or language learning. Any kind of new skills will distract you from your routine and meet new people. There will be a breath of freshness in your life again. 

Schedule additional classes for Mondays, and you will never say a desperate “Monday again”, you will have “Yeah, Monday again”. With that approach, the whole attitude to the working week will change as well.  However, it will only work if you do something you like, with no additional expectations. 


7. Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life, and a great way to help people, wildlife, communities and the environment.

By volunteering you'll get the satisfaction of giving back and helping good causes, whilst also getting to meet inspiring people, learning new skills and making friends with like-minded others.

You can find opportunities locally to where you live or also consider going to volunteer abroad.


8. Do the Opposite of What You are Doing

Aiming to make a difference in your life, you actually need to do something different. If you have a typical work-home-work routine, make the “windows for activities”:

  • Instead of commuting from point A to point B, change the route, and have a walk across the park or a square.
  • Plan the days of theater, or cinema, on karaoke once a month. Organize evening city tours, to look at your hometown from a different perspective.
  • Look for entertaining options at the weekends.
  • Start doing sports and social activities, etc. 

All these activities will help you boost both your mental and physical form, and elevate your self-esteem. You will notice your life being lightened up, and filled with colors, and all the routine will gradually make just an organic part of it. 


Life is a one-time gift, it is full of wonders and beauties, however, we often fail to notice them being blinded by all the daily routine. If you feel stranded in the home-work circle, take a step outside, do something unpredictable, and say “yes’ to your life - cold peaks of icebergs in Antarctica, the ancient history of Machu-Picchu, the fjords of Norway, and many other surprises are waiting for you.