A Great Demand for English Tutors

Thousands of people are teaching English all over the world as their main job and income source. You can find positions online, or in countries all around the world. Students in places like Asia and the Middle East are keen to learn English to ehance their job prospects and employers hire lots of foreign teachers every year. If you find a passion for teaching and are good at it, becoming a tutor can be a become a very rewarding career path. 



There are several skills you need to become an English tutor, including:

  • Strong language skills both written and speaking
  • Good grasp of grammar
  • Good oral and presentational skills
  • Knowledge of literature
  • Friendly, outgoing and patient

Having previous experience, qualifications or certifications also help.


Where to Find Jobs

It is not always easy to find work as a tutor especially when initially starting out. You need to put together a good CV / application, gain experience, potentially do a course like a TEFL certification and know where to look. There are so many websites which can help connect you to employers, Superprof ins one of the best as it can help you start a teaching career and find students looking for help to imporve their English. The Superprof website makes it much easier to create yourself a base, and to launch your new career. Most importantly, it saves you time and money you would need to seek out positions independently.


Planning and Organizing Lessons

The biggest part of your work, prior to actually starting tutoring, will be to organize yourself and the courses you are looking to teach. First, start by defining your public: Who do you want to teach to? Young kids (primary school), adolescents or adults? This will help you choose the subjects you will need to focus on. Once that is done, go back to your books and start preparing your courses.

However, if you decide to teach outside a school, you have to keep in mind that you will need to adapt your lessons to each student. Tutoring someone is quite different than teaching a whole class. In order to provide a good service to your student, you need to be able to listen to their needs, but also to find their weaknesses by yourself, as you grow the relationship.


Keep Studying

The best way to become a great teacher or tutor is to keep studying to enahance your knowledge and skills. Not only will it remind you of elements you need to add to your courses, but it will also provide you with a deeper background to find the answers that your students will need from you. So, make time for online courses for yourself as well, and keep investigating your subject through books and researches.