Food is very open-minded it will never judge you or get mad at you for enjoying two different meals at the same time. In fact, many meals go hand in hand and love to be served together. What an utterly gracious, satisfying, love story! 

As much as people love food the situation widens when these very people also love to travel, this means that while traveling they get set and gear up to taste all kinds food, wither fine dining, street food, invitations etc. This becomes an even exclusive and special affair then. But this brings in the most terrifying situation, which is ending up getting sick. 

Many people get uncontrollably sick while traveling and they do not even know how to clean up afterwards. This isn’t necessary that the food eaten in the cozy environment of home is cleaner and safer, but because of entering into a new environment, there are a number of invisible changes that occur, including change of weather, atmosphere water, levels of pollution/bacteria etc.

All of these factors when combined together affect the digestive abilities of the stomach. Better take care of your poor stomach and enjoy your love affair with food taking care of a few basic things of food and traveling. 

1. Think Before You Choose Your Meal

This is a great way to lose belly fat fast but for foodies this is something they don’t ever want to consider when they are out in a strange land and they get to see all kinds of foods.

Especially for people who are visiting their relatives and are meant to go out and eat a lot, this situation becomes really tricky.

  • First and foremost, always look what you’re drinking. Many people get the most basic kind of diarrhea through a change of water. Safe option is to pick up bottled mineral water as they are all the same, everywhere.
  • There are a number of concerns related to the kind of meat that people opt for. If you are a fan of cold cuts and cold meats than we recommend you the basic key to stay sane while traveling and that is always have your meal warm!
  • Follow this generalized traveler mantra and that is to enjoy your stay and have food in this manner; cook it, wash it, peel it or simply leave it. 
  • Why are we saying this? Because cooking kills bacteria and so does washing, if you are offered fruits peeled and diced in the form of a fruit salad, then avoid it as there are high chances it has been contaminated by the bacteria in the air and the last option is if all of this is not possible then simply leave it. 
  • Your coffee and tea should be warm/ hot as mentioned earlier, hot beverages gone cold means they have been sitting for too long and hence, contamination. Also prefer black coffee/tea as many places are known to be suffering from milk contamination problems. 
  • Food sides, like mayo, ketchup, dressings should be picked up sealed and opened as per your convenience, do not opt for opened condiments. 
  • For meat lovers looking to taste different meat based delicacies of the world should always order their meat ‘well done’ as this is a definite solution to kill bacteria present inside meat. 
  • Seafood lovers are to be careful the most, look out for smaller fishes, as they are considered to be a safer bet whereas avoid ordering fish organs or shellfish as they might end up upsetting the stomach at a rapid pace. 

2. Choose Where to Eat Carefully

Travelers and foodies have this niche to try out all kinds of street foods.

They believe in order to know a place well; one must live up on the streets. This sounds like a great philosophical idea but your stomach might not agree to it all the time.

Many street vendors are not lucky to be serving a lot of customers in a day. Hence, unfortunately, the food has to sit for a longer while before it gets reheated and then served again.

However, there are absolutely no visible issues to pick up food from busy vendors as the rate of food delivery is higher. Yet again one might take care and look into getting the meal fully prepared. 

This is the same suggestion we would forward onto proper restaurants. Busier outlets keep on satisfying their customers quickly meaning the food is handed over to the customers and does not sit on the counters for long.

Still find the aid of a local who might be able enough to translate the ingredients to you or now even smartphones are equipped with all kinds of translators. Ask for your meal cooked properly and served hot.

3. Advice for Vegetarians

The decision to be vegetarian and to lead a lifestyle that is completely cut off of meat is becoming a growing trend. But to take care of your vegetarian needs while traveling is an even bigger crisis.

Due to a change of language and inability to understand the menu there could be a chance that you get fooled into ordering something that contains meat elements.

Soups and sauces are created out of meat stock check twice before you order such stuff. Most obvious vegetarian foods can be deceptive therefore it is always a good choice to ask for clarifications. 


Tips for Avoiding Getting Sick from Food when Travelling

I have a living pattern where food is the biggest love of my life.

People might find it to be ridiculous but the greater percentage of foodies across the globe will agree with my mantra of living, a 100%. Indeed there is no love better than the love to enjoy that first bite of warm and delicious food.

Your plate full of any kind of food will never ever betray you. It will kiss and caress your tongue with all kinds of flavors while it has promised to satisfy your hunger in all ways possible.

To stay healthy and fit while going out of your comfort zone is not as difficult as travelers would relate to it. It is because of carelessness and inability to judge the right kind of food that many end up getting sick and ruining their vacation.

If you take care of most of the things mentioned here, you are definitely going to enjoy your next trip to the wonderland of food.


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