Before long, you should get one of the more important relationship experiences out of the way - traveling together! No partnership should be taken to the next level until you cross this milestone off the list.

But should you take a trip with a brand-new partner? How long should you wait? And what tips are there for going on a trip with someone you just started dating?


Why You Should Travel Early in Your Relationship?

Traveling puts your relationship to the test, and helps you learn about your partner. Here’s what you’ll get out of combining dating with travel.


You’ll Figure Out Each Other’s Quirks Quickly

Everybody has quirks. Some of those may not become apparent for quite a long time. Most of us instinctively hide our “weirdness” from others, especially if we want them to fall in love with us. When you travel with someone, that vigilance tends to slip away. Odd little personality glitches suddenly bubble to the surface.

For example, on a vacation, you might learn about your lover’s unique bedtime rituals or that they need a minimum of six hours of sleep otherwise they’re unbearable. They might learn that you can’t resist a sales pitch from street vendors selling items of questionable quality and origin.


Both of You Will Get the Awkward Stuff Out of The Way

Let’s be very honest. Animals are loud, weird, and a bit smelly. As humans, we’re not immune to this. The only thing that sets us apart is that we tend to be quite secretive about the gross stuff. When you travel with someone, it’s no longer possible to do that. If jet lag does a number on your stomach, your partner’s going to know about it pretty quickly.


Travel Will Reveal How Your Partner Interacts With People

When you travel, you’ll interact with a variety of people. You and your partner will engage with people from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, folks who are there to be of service to you, people who can quite literally make or break your vacation plans, annoying people, and so many others. Pay close attention to their interactions with all of the people you encounter. It will reveal so much about them.

How do they react when someone makes an error? Do they treat service workers dismissively? Are they kind and respectful to some people, but not others? At the same time, are they willing to be assertive and advocate for the two of you if the situation calls for it?


You Can Learn About Their Adventurous Side

You travel for the chance to enjoy new experiences. There are so many foods to try, cultures to discover, things to see, and thrills to check off your bucket list. When you bring your new partner along, you’ll learn if their energy and enthusiasm match yours or not. 

Is incompatibility here a dealbreaker? Not necessarily. There are couples with different travel styles that make it work. Still, if you are not you've found the right person and want a travel partner who embraces adventure like you, there are dating sites like this one that can help. Because everyone deserves amazing romantic trips and the chance to create memories to last a lifetime.


You’ll See How They Deal With Stress

A trip rarely, if ever, goes off without a hitch. There are almost always lines to navigate, items that get misplaced, crowds, and unsatisfying experiences. Most of us do whatever it takes to avoid these unpleasant things, but most trips have at least one setback. 

You might be disappointed when you experience vacation negativity, but there’s an upside to consider. This is your chance to see how your partner behaves when things go south. Do they, sulk, rant, or assign blame? Do they dismiss your feelings when you’re upset? Are they calm and patient? Will they work with you to find a solution? Are they able to maintain a sense of humor and show some resilience?

This is a good indication of how they’ll behave if your relationship suffers other crises.


Have The Travel Conversation With Your Partner

You love to travel. It’s an important part of your life, and you want that to integrate with your relationship. You may not be ready to step on a plane with your partner right away, but it’s never too early to talk about travel. At the very least, you should know if it’s a priority to them, and what their idea of a great break away is. Then, you can decide if the two of you are truly compatible. For more advice view these tips for how to keep a healthy relationship when travelling.