This is the ONLY heritage resort in the Philippines, a huge property where guests get to relive the lavish lifestyle of the old Manila during Spanish colonial era.

It serves as a museum to more than 20 reconstructed heritage houses that was originally located in different provinces all over the Philippines.



One can only imagine how much effort it took to complete the idea of the only heritage resort in the country.

The property extends to 400 hectares and is home for only 130 guest rooms and 63 elite casas – the reason why you will feel exclusivity and luxury inside the resort. There are 4 restaurants that serves European and Filipino fusion cuisines and 1 bar that overlooks to the West Philippine Sea. 

There are different structures for the hotel rooms, they are strategically scattered in the resort to give unique vibe and view to each guest. The rooms are massive, almost half of its size is the bathroom and if this is a sales pitch - let me say that it has a huge bathtub too.

Even though it is as if you are traveling back in time, each room has all the amenities expected in a modern 4-star hotel such as wi-fi access, television, phone, mini-bar, and safety deposit box. To close the sale, let me convince you by telling you that your balcony’s view is either the resort’s plaza, river, pool, or the beach. Not bad for the humblest type of room, right?

The heritage resort is famous for their casas – a large, detached houses inspired by different infrastructures from the Spanish era. The largest among them is Casa Ladrillo it is a two-story accommodation with orange bricked walls and has 3 colossal bedrooms.

And there is more! Las Casas made sure that they can cater to guests who values intimacy and privacy in their vast property. Island 2 is tucked away from the rest of the land. It has its own swimming pool, 24/7 butler, and Hermes toiletries – the best way to describe it “Fit for Elite”. 

The nostalgic feeling is not limited with its heritage houses, even the transportation inside the resort speaks for its antiqued aura. To go around, you can ride a horse kart, tramway, jeep, and boat. Yes, a boat!

They even replicated the canal that Manileños used as a major route to transport goods before. Another must visit is a spitting-image of the very first luxury hotel in the Philippines, Hotel De Oriente - this serves as the resort’s banquet hall for a maximum of 1000 guests.

As you step inside, the grand staircase and wooden sculptures will ravish you back in time. The Spanish era brought Catholicism to the country and this did not only change the religion it also built beautiful churches.

One of the cathedrals in Balanga, Bataan has its replica inside the heritage resort - Sanctuario de San Jose another attraction that will fill your visuals. 


Activities, Tours & Excursions

If you wanted to dive deep into the culture and history, they offer various heritage tours.

  • River Tour – an educational voyage thru Umangol River while riding a bamboo raft
  • Art Tour – witness the craftsmanship of Filipino artists face to face
  • Walking Tour – a guided tour to different casas that houses museum pieces used from the colonial period

Please note that these Philippines tours are only available for specific dates.

Are you the active type of traveler? Well, it will not disappoint you. The resort has swimming pools, river, beach, and they have various water activities such as banana boat, jet skiing, and even wakeboarding.

You might even think “why explore outside?” right? But if you love to ride your big bike, it is highly encouraged to drive a few minutes from the property to marvel the beauty of Bataanes.

You will pass by a road frequented by motorcycle enthusiasts with huge old trees, water streams, then - you will get to see a striking view of the Bataanes rolling hills. 


Things to do in Bataan

Bataan has a lot to offer, from breath taking mountains, to relaxing beaches, beautiful old churches, and history-rich museums. If you are interested to explore outside Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, check other tourist spots to visit in Bataan. 

  • Five Fingers Cove
  • Mt. Samat
  • Bataan World War Museum 
  • Pawikan Conservation Center
  • Nuestra Señora Church


Hotel Location:

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is located in Brgy. Ibaba Bagac, Bataan

From Manila:

- Accessible by land thru SCTEX and NLEX (3 hours)

Ride a public bus from Pasay/Cubao terminal that makes a daily trip to Balanga town proper. Then, ride a tricycle to Brgy. Ibaba. Fare: 300.00 Php

- Accessible by sea thru Esplanade Terminal to Capinpin Port (2 hours) 

Ride a public ferry from Seaside Terminal to Capinpin port in Orion. Then, ride a jeep to Bagac then, hop-on a tricycle at Filipino Japanese Friendship Tower to the resort’s main entrance. Fare: 799.00 Php


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By Eracel Labandera