You’ll be joining almost 450,000 others in the UK who have a holiday home where they spend 30 days or more every year.

Holiday homes can come in all shapes and sizes with some opting for a high-rise flat in a buzzing city, some choosing a house on the coast with beautiful sea views and some picking a cosy lodge in the countryside. 

Continue reading below to learn why lodges are so good, the benefits of owning them and the best places to buy one to guarantee good times every time you get away. 


Lodge Living: Cosy Retreats in Nature

The obvious benefit of owning a lodge is that you have easy access to beautiful natural surroundings, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Travel is great for your mental health, especially when you are surrounded by nature. Each time you visit your holiday home, you can give your head the boost it needs. 

What’s more, living out in nature is excellent for animal lovers as well with plenty of species on your doorstep. Plus, you’ll have access to walking trails and exceptional views all around your holiday home. 


Benefits of Owning a Lodge 

Buying a lodge in the UK provides you with a comfortable place to getaway whenever you feel like you need a break. You'll get to decorate it the way you like it and have all your home comforts.

Owning a lodge means you can invite your friends or family to go with you, or use it if they need a break. We’re confident they’ll be extremely grateful for it. 

A staycataion is also very environmentally friendly as you won't be flying overseas and it is also a very stress-free and relaxing way to spend your holidays.

This is also an excellent investment idea for you. You can rent your holiday home out while you’re not using it to bring in some passive income or you can view it as a longer-term investment, which should continue to increase in value in the years to come. 


Best Places to Own a Lodge in the UK

There are plenty of wonderful places to travel in the UK and some really scenic places to own a lodge. Each location offers its own unique benefits.

Some of the best places to consider for your holiday getaway include:


The Lake District in Cumbria is one of the most scenic national parks in the country. There are lots of spectacular lakes, majestic mountains and plenty of charming towns for you to spend your days. 

The South coast of England is another popular destination to own a holiday lodge, there are sites throughout the region with popular locations including Weymouth. Expect beautiful sea views, beaches and lots of amazing coastal walks - perfect if you have pets.


Wales is home to beautiful green spaces all over the country, making it a great place to own a holiday home. Some of the most popular locations include Newport, Cardigan Bay and St David’s Peninsula.

Scottish Highlands 

If you want beautiful mountainous regions to explore and some of the most unique wildlife in the UK, including dolphins. You can expect green and snowy spaces that can be enjoyed all year long here. 

Northern Ireland

With its scenic green valleys, coastlines, historical castles and pretty towns, Ireland is the perfect destination for a holiday home. There are lots of locations along the northern coast of Ireland where you can find holiday lodges and cabins. Popular locations to rent or own include Derry and Armagh.


Find Your Perfect Holiday Lodge

Hopefully our article has provided you with all the information you need to see why owning a lodge in the UK is one of the best ways to spend a  holiday. Now go find your ideal home and start creating magical memories today.