Obtaining a degree in a Doctor of Sciences is really beneficial to a future career but to pass a course you will need a strong thesis. 

There are lots of things to consider before writing a thesis, including what content to include and the need to draw up the list of references for the dissertation.

Any scientific work requires strict adherence to the rules regarding chapters and appendices because the evaluation of the work and your diligence depend on it.

There are lots of different international and national citation styles. The purpose of each of them is to create uniform rules for the design of bibliographic references and in-text citations in scientific articles, dissertations and other research works.

If you are writing a thesis or research paper, you will inevitably have to decide which citation style to use. And also need to check how to draw up a list of references in a dissertation quickly and correctly?

Don’t worry, to make your thesis as stress free as possible, the experts at thesisgeek.com are here to help. View these tips for writing an amazing thesis to impress. 


1. MLA Thesis Formatting

One of the popular styles of citations and references in scientific works is the MLA (The Modern Language Association) style. This style is the most common when writing papers and citing sources in the field of humanities.

It has been designed for use in English philology, the study of other languages or literatures, including comparative analysis and literary criticism, media studies and other disciplines. The goal of the MLA style is to be brief and provide only the necessary amount of detail to identify the work cited and the location of the information within that work.

Understanding how to draw up a list of references will be useful both for a diploma and for term papers. This mandatory structural element requires a special approach. Dots, commas, slashes, the number of pages - you can get confused with this. 


2. APA Thesis Formatting

The most common reference style is the APA (American Psychological Association) Reference Style, which is used in most journals. This style was developed by the American Psychological Association for use in the field of psychology and was later adopted by other disciplines. Citation according to the APA style (7th edition) is carried out in two ways:

  • in-text citation;
  • out-of-text version (this should be done in the list of sources used in the work).

Use only the last name of the author or authors with a comma and the year of publication. Include page, chapter, or section numbers if you need to specify information, for example, if you are quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing what the author said in his work.

No distinction should be made between books, journal articles, Internet documents, or other formats, except for electronic documents that do not contain page numbers. In this case, use the paragraph number, if any, with the abbreviation of that paragraph. Full information about the source should be indicated in the reference list of literature (References) at the end of the document.


3. PhD Thesis Formatting Services

The correct style of references is an important stage of preparation and it is worth spending time researching in detail do you do not make mistakes. If you need help to figure out citation styles professors and also writing companies can help with aspects like:

  • a new or updated list of references;
  • registration of the enumeration of sources;
  • correct placement of links and footnotes;
  • adjustment of the existing list of used sources;
  • adaptation of the list of sources to existing standards and methodological recommendations.

Such services provide students guarantee absolute correspondence between the list of references and the content of the work. Experienced staff understand what sources are needed for a competent design of an essay or an individual work.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are completed a degree, a PHD or studying abroad, every student must take into account the specific requirements of thesis and dissertations because each is different depending on the subject. 

Drawing up a list of references is one of the most difficult technical parts of a thesis, and also getting the grammar and punctuation correct. Teachers have a lot of experience in this matter and should be on hand to help with any questions you might have.

Online forums and websites can also help as past students know how the rules are designed, and have tips for displaying sources or formatting.

Some companies can help if you need to list foreign literature because sometimes it is indicated in the language of the source. Experienced staff can help select, organize and design sources for any type of thesis.

By taking time to research and write a thesis or disertation you will guarantees the quality of your work, which is important as once it is submitted, you won't be able to go back and make ammendments.