If you're going on a trip to a new part of the world, whether for business or pleasure, you may find an opportunity to fish in a new destination. Or maybe you are planning a break away specifcally for fishing.

Check out our advice which hopefullly can make an exciting experience even better when you visit a new destination and fish in totally new surroundings.


1. Research Online

The first tip we have for you is to spend lots of titme researching where to go and the best time of year to visit. There are so many amazing fishing destinations make sure you pick somewhere which really appeals to you.

This obvious tip is often forgotten by newer anglers but is a surefire way to begin to get a base of knowledge about your future surroundings. You can start to prepare before you even arrive at your new destination by doing online research! 

There are several ways to go about doing research. The first is to Google wherever you are heading. You can specifically search for fishing blogs and reviews from previous visitors or even the locals. 


2. Buy or Rent

Once you've Googled locations, you can think of gear you might want to take. If you need anything for your trip, purchase your supplies early or for a really hassle free experience check out places to rent equipment once in your location. Be sure to consult local experts online for advice. 


3. Go Solo or Join a Group Trip

Another great way to do online research is to go to social media and try to see if there are groups of locals or any local guides you can contact! It can be no end of help to connect with locals if possible who might be able to take you fishing to some of the best locations or help you to go off the beaten track. There are lotts of fishing holidays and tours available to book all around the globe. 


4. Connect With Locals

Connecting with locals is a surefire way to get the best information about local fishing traditions and spots. This is important for those who seek authenticity. Trust the wisdom of people who already live in a place. 

This can be done online before you even arrive at your destination, but the best way to do it is to be present and to visit both local watering holes and spaces where people gather.

The value of authenticity and the wisdom of locals will surely give you a fantastic opportunity to see more and learn more than solely doing internet deep-dives would. This allows you to enjoy the health benefits that fishing can have without affecting your wallet. 


5. Visit Local Restaurants And Shops

This could be considered an extension of a previouus tip, but it's a different idea. If you visit local seafood restaurants and fishing stores, you'll be contributing to the economy and getting a chance to help make fishing an even more vibrant activity.

By going to local shops and restaurants, you can get a touch of local cuisine, hear from experts instead of just hobbyists, and get the most critical news. You also get to contribute to the culture of the places you visit by ensuring that local shops, restaurants, and other businesses get to stay open and profit from your tourism! 

Never has finding expert advice from locals been so helpful to the economy!


By utilizing various sources, tips, and tricks, any trip can become invaluable to your skills and journey as an angler. We hope that this advice will help you become a better angler, a better appreciator of culture, and a more helpful tourist. If our advice has helped you, let us know!