Morocco is the perfect destination for everyone, whether you are keen on a luxury all inclusive break away, a short city trip, or a longer overland adventure taking in multiple locations.

Just because you will be overseas in Morocco doesn't mean you have to be disconnected from the world too, with eSIMs you can connect to the internet from most locations around the world including Morocco.


How to have Internet in Morocco?

Internet in Morocco isn't widespread, especially free WIFI hotspots. Most hotels now have WIFI, but the chances of finding it whilst sightseeing or exploring are slim. You could use your home mobile phone network but the roaming charges for using the internet will be huge. Another idea is to buy or rent a pocket WIFI device, this is a portable WIFI hub which allows you to connect phones and devices to the internet. Another option, and our recommended choice is to buy an eSIM. If you are totally new to eSIMs, we explain more below.


What is eSIM card?

In newer models of mobile phones, eSIM or “embedded SIM” as it is also known is a modern technological version of the traditional SIM card. But with eSIM, this is already embedded inside your device, instead of having to purchase and insert a physical sim card. Several companies offer eSIMs, which allow you to connect your phone to the internet in Morocco or other worldwide countries, you'll pay a fee for data, but avoid the expensive roaming charges.

eSim's can be purchased online and setup in minutes providing you with unlimited data in Morocco. There is no physical SIM card needed, so no need to wait for post to arrive in the mail. This is a lot cheaper than using other worldwide phone network's plans overseas which can be really expensive and limited in terms of data. For some latest phone models there is the possibility to have dual SIM too as well as 24/7 customer service if you have any questions or need any help.


Advantages of eSIM in Morocco

Marrakesh market

Purchasing an eSim will really make your trip to Morocco easier, and it is so simple to purchase and install.  Consider this, you’ve just arrived and are slightly jet lagged and have just realised you are in a totally different culture/environment. Maybe you want to order a taxi ride, find a top rated cafe or just have access to maps to know where your going, without an eSim this can be really difficult. Not many people in Morocco speak English, so even just being able to get out your phone and use a language app to communise can be a real advantage.


Internet Service Providers in Morocco

Companies in Morocco which offer internet and data plans include Holafly, Maroc Telecom and Orange.

Maroc Telecom are a local company whilst Orange are a global phone company offering phone services around the world.

One company we recommend to buy the best eSIM for Morocco is Holafly, benefits include:

  • Get 500MB of internet connection/day.
  • Receive your QR code and connect instantly
  • Set up your eSIM in less than five minutes
  • Keep your WhatsApp number on your cellphone
  • Connect to the best networks in Morocco
  • Forget about roaming and searching for public WiFi networks

Holafly data plans for Morocco:

There are several affordable data plans available depending on how many days you are traveling for:

  • 5 days - 2.5 GB: $27.00
  • 7 days - 3.5 GB: $34.00
  • 10 days - 5 GB: $37.00
  • 15 days - 7.5 GB: $47.00


Considerations to take into account

Some important things to consider include that the Holafly eSim only works on compatible mobile phones, not on computers. If you are planning to work in Morocco you might also want to consider alternative options.


Other options to have internet in Morocco

If you don't have a phone which is compatible for Holafly eSim, there are some other options available including using data roaming, public WiFi spots or renting portable Wifi hotspot.

Data roaming on international phone networks can be really expensive, and usually you need to keep topping the price up. Whereas free public WiFi in Morocco still isn't everywhere, and there are also security risks in using this. Renting a portable WiFi hotspot is recommend if you are planning o be working in Morocco, but it is pretty expensive for normal tourist holidays. Also if you happen to damage or lose the hotspot you will incur a heavy fine.


Buy an eSIM for Your Trip to Morocco

Morocco is a very unique destination and if you have never been here before you really need to go. From exploring the markets of Marakesh, taking in the laid back lifestyle in Fes and Casablanca, to going on an adventure in the desert or trekking in the breathtaking Atlas Mountains, you will be left spellbound by Morocco.

Now go enjoy the cultural highlights of Morocco.