The modern world provides a lot of opportunities for people to live and work in desirable locations. There are so many destinations depending on your goals and budget.

Thousands of foreigners move to Dubai every year, due to the opportunities, zero tax, safety and year round warm weather and sun.

If you want to live in comfort there are lots of places to rent or buy, both appartments and houses, either inland or by the stunning coast.

Foreigners can now view houses and apartments for sale in Emaar Beachfront - one of the most desirable places to live in the whole of the UAE which has the same vibes as places like Miami.

The skyscrapers, amazing views, beaches and close proximity to popular destinations in Dubai are some of the main benefits of Emaar Beachfront that attract foreign buyers.

Both people looking to emigrate and investors from all over the world find the neighborhood appealing due to low taxes and high return on investment. 


The Exclusive Benefits in Emaar Beachfront 

Emaar Beachfront offers a wide range of opportunities for people coming for permanent stay and investors with the desire to earn money or live comfortably.

The high quality of life and level of security, a warm climate and constant access to the sea - all this is available to people moving to Emaar Beachfront. Buying real estate in the neighborhood provides a foreigner with the right to apply for the golden visa and have almost the same rights as citizens of UAE. Which other advantages can the neighborhood offer? 

An efficient portfolio of stylish real estate

The real estate market is developing rapidly offering more advanced and ultra-luxury residential properties. Foreigners have the right to purchase 1-, 2-, 3- or more bedroom apartments in Emaar Beachfront, which they can rent out or resell. Properties are designed to meet the goals and desires of the most inveterate buyers. 

Financial opportunities

For highly qualified people, there are opportunities to get a job with a high salary. In recent years, Emaar Beachfront and its surroundings have become a home for IT-specialists and other remote workers. Those who prefer regular work hours, most companies offer health insurance, additional payments for transportation or a company car. 

Developed social sphere

High level of medical care, quality of education, advanced infrastructure and possibility to engage in desired activities contribute to the overall pleasant experience of the area. The country cares a lot about the comfort of locals and residents. 

Favorable weather conditions

The eternal summer is not for everyone. Relocating to Emaar Beachfront, foreigners should be ready for the most difficult time of the year - from May to October. The temperature in the summer reaches +50°C, greatly increasing the level of humidity. You can always rent out your apartment during this period and travel to another great place. 


How to Relocate to Dubai

The government does not limit foreigners in terms of relocation, however, you will have to respect traditions and not violate the local laws. 

There are several options for relocation to Dubai:

  • getting married;
  • investing, buying real estate, running your own business;
  • studying at a university in the country;
  • employment.

The most effective and quick method is buying real estate. The cost of accommodation has to overcome AED 750,000 (more than $200,000). Investing the necessary amount of money in the sphere of real estate, the buyer obtains the right to apply for a 2-years residence permit. 


Simplicity of Relocation to Emaar Beachfront

In general, relocation to Emaar Beachfront in Dubai requires less preparation than moving to some countries. Allthough it is recommended, there is no need to learn Arabic for the first time and most peoplle can communicate in English. 

The most important things are to become aware of local laws and traditions and obey them. Arab countries are characterized by special customs and traditions as well as strict legislation. Dubai has stricts laws, with the death penalty for violations such as drug trafficking or preaching atheism.

A foreigner coming to the UAE is obliged to comply with the local laws.


Plan Your Move to Dubai

It is not difficult to relocate to Dubai, but it is important to learn about the national customs and culture before moving here. View some top things to know before visiting Dubai.

If you are ready to find a permanent residence or investment opportunity, you can invest your money in residential real estate in Emaar Beachfront and visit the UAE on vacation or rent out an apartment, earning up to 10% per annum.

Buying properties in Dubai and the UAE is easy with real estate agencies who have years of experience and help a lot of foreign buyers. They deliver a high quality real estate experience to clients from all over the world.