Here are some amazing and less cliche activities you can partake in on vacation.


1. Florida Everglades Holiday Park

If you like adventurous vacations that involve nature then the Everglades may be perfect. Encounter wildlife and tour the sawgrass prairies. Many people recommend the Everglades Holiday Park as the perfect destination.

Visitors can observe dolphin shows, tour the wetlands by airboat, or attend animal interactions with sloths, lemurs, pythons and other exotic creatures. Visit for in depth information on airboat rides and more.


2. City Tours

Exploring the hidden gems and lesser known tales of a city can unveil an exciting new dimension for travelers. Rather than simply visiting the major tourist destinations, consider an unusual city tour that traverses paths less taken. One might find themselves navigating underground sewer systems to gain a new perspective of a city’s infrastructure.

Or perhaps foraging tours offer a chance to discover edible urban landscapes off the beaten path. For those intrigued by artistic expression, graffiti and street art tours provide a window into alternative creative scenes. Other unique city tours cater to history buffs and ghost story enthusiasts.


3. Glamping Adventures

Camping's rustic ways charm some travelers, but “glamping” brings elevated comfort to outdoor lodging. This upscale camping experience pairs extraordinary locations with hotel amenities. After days spent absorbing majestic scenery, glampers can unwind into lavish tents, retrofitted vintage trailers, safari eco-pods or treehouse retreats.

Rather than roughing it on hard ground, the tents contain cozy beds with plush linens and decor. Many sites provide private ensuite bathrooms and showers, saving campers from communal stalls. Electricity enables lighting, temperature control, and device charging absent in primitive settings.


4. Ghost Town Exploration

Something about deserted ghost towns captivates the imagination with echoes of vibrant communities now faded back into nature’s realm. Visitors can roam through abandoned buildings and imagine the stories left behind while witnessing trees and vines slowly reclaiming the man made structures. The eerie allure of ghost towns appeals to adventurous souls, perhaps especially those with a penchant for mysterious tales.


5. Charity Voluntourism

In an age of meaningful travel, voluntourism is carving its own niche. It lets travelers be part of positive change during their leisure breaks. Through various outreach and social development programs worldwide, you could find yourself contributing constructively to local communities.

This might involve teaching English in remote Nepalese villages or helping conserve wildlife habitats in South Africa. Not only will this transform your vacations into purposeful adventures - but it will also give you profound insights into diverse cultures and communities.


6. Hobby-Driven Holidays

Are vacations your time to pursue hobbies that your regular life seldom affords? If so, then hobby-driven holidays are tailor-made for you. One might ask, what exactly does this entail?

You can transform your holiday into a delightful journey to nurture your hobbies, passions, or interests. How about photography tours in cameras' paradise like Iceland? Or painting retreats amidst Tuscany's mesmerizing countryside? Or even acting workshops in LA? The world is your stage!


7. Airboat Adventure Tours

Airboats thrillingly access Florida wetlands too dense for regular boats, utilizing large rear fans to skim across marshy surfaces at over 50 mph. Guided eco-tours provide bumpy, loud rides revealing alligators, otters and spoonbills wading through sawgrass plains and mangrove tunnels.

More daring excursions whisk past tall grasses flanking narrow tracks. Originally transportation for hard-to-access wetlands, today airboats serve adventurers and nature observers by revealing habitats teaming with native creatures adapted to the fragile seasonal flooding balance.


8. Olive Harvesting Experiences

For olive enthusiasts or those seeking authentic rural experiences, participating in olive harvests creates memorable Mediterranean encounters. In olive-rich regions of Greece, Italy and Spain, travelers can join harvest events working alongside local farmers, then savor the fresh olive oil made from the day’s yield. It’s an agritourism opportunity offering a unique hands-on cultural tradition.


9. Railway Journeys

Train travel conjures nostalgia while allowing travelers to absorb passing scenery at an intimate pace. Luxury railway tours across India showcase the country’s rich landscapes and heritage.

The storied Trans-Siberian train journey traverses seven time zones across vast terrain. For those inclined to forgo hurried air travel, meandering through a region by rail can unwrap geographies mile by mile.


10. Lighthouse Stays

Remote lighthouses offer solitary sanctuary along coastlines worldwide. Imagine awakening to crashing waves as the beaming tower faithfully guides passing ships. Seclusion seekers can experience lighthouse living as an introspective escape in cherished locations from Ireland’s rocky shores to California’s windswept points. Here, amongst ocean vistas and maritime heritage, a sense of peace pervades.


11. Stargazing Retreats

If the city lights have faded your connection with cosmic wonders, it's time you tried a stargazing retreat. In these remote corners of the world, light pollution steps aside, letting the glimmering celestial bodies take center stage.

In places like the Atacama Desert, professional guides will help you navigate constellations. Nightly events detail solar phenomena like eclipses or meteor showers sending ephemeral streaks flaring suddenly across horizon lines.

Guests spend sunset-to-sunrise peering through professional telescopes towards Saturn’s glinting rings or Jupiter’s turbulent storm eye churning. Nomadic bespoke camp services provide deluxe accommodation under canvas bell tents or transparent bubble domes for optimal skywatching sans obstructions.


12. Fly Fishing Vacations

There's something therapeutic about fly fishing - standing waist-deep in clear waters, surrounded by nature while trying your patience against elusive trouts.

You can combine this calming activity with a vacation and head to world-renowned destinations like New Zealand, Alaska, or Patagonia. Your days will melt away amidst stunning landscapes, and who knows? You might reel in a trophy-worthy catch before sunset!


13. Polar Expeditions

Are you craving a rush of adrenaline that typical beach holidays or city tours fail to provide? Welcome aboard a polar expedition! Sailing to the ice-clad landscapes of either Antarctica or the Arctic Circle is bound to aptly feed your hunger for thrill and excitement.

From watching glaciers break off into floating icebergs to spotting polar bears – every moment out in these frozen landscapes is brimming with raw nature and intense adventure. Just remember to pack your warmest clothes!


14. Nostalgic Holiday Camps

If you miss the camaraderie of summer camp during your childhood days or desire to revisit those carefree times filled with fun and laughter, try venturing into adult holiday camps.

Relive the joys of various recreational activities from archery to singing songs by the campfire. These nostalgic holiday camps provide an opportunity for adults to get in touch with their inner child in a supportive, carefree setting. There's no better way to rewind than this!


Plan Your Next Vacation

Predictable vacation ruts lurk around every itinerary bend, but breaking beyond programmed packages opens pathways to personalized adventures as unique as these distinctly messy, wildly creative human longings.

By chasing uncommon dreams or simply wandering unprescribed, fresh journeys shake off assumptions on how holidays must unfold. Lofty ambitions and modest escapes shape themselves around your truest traveler whims once you dare give them space to define destinations never mainstream but always memorable when forged on your own worthy terms.