Whether you want to go in search of history in Cairo, sail down the nile, or go enjoy a relaxing beach break in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt offers something to everyone. 

Being connected to the internet is a vital part of most peoples lives nowadays, and just because you are going to travel to North Africa it doesn't mean you need be without internet access. Buying an eSIM is one of the best ways to connect and have access to the internet in Egypt. This online Sim is modernising and transforming the mobile phone industry, you no longer need a physical SIM card, and purchasing, installing and using an eSIM is easier than you think.

But what is the best eSIM card for Egypt, how do you get one, and make it work? Let our guide explain more and provide you with everything you need to know about getting connected to the internet in Egypt.


Is there Internet in Egypt?

Yes, there are several local providers offering WiFi throughout Egypt and it is usually available in hotels, and some public places like cafes. But unlike Europe and North America, free public WIFI isn't widespread and it is quite slow, and so if you do want to stay connected for your trip to Egypt, you can use your home phone network whilst in Egypt but this will be really expensive, so for affordability it is best to buy an eSIM.


How Does eSIM Work ?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to use a mobile plan from your network provider without having to use a physical nano-SIM. Buying and setting up an eSIM to use in Egypt, or other countries around the world is very easy.


eSIM Data Plans for Egypt

If you want to buy an eSIM for Egypt you will need to buy a data package with a company like Holafly. Holafly offer a 15 day data plan for Egypt with 6 GB of data for €57,00.


How to Activate an eSIM data plan for Egypt?

How does Egypt eSIM work?

First, you will need to check if your phone is compatible with eSIM, most modern phones are include iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and Google.

Second, you need to buy your eSIM from an online store and chose a plan that suits your needs.

Third, to register and set up your eSIM your will need to scan the QR code provided to your e-mail, turn on data roaming from your settings and then you will be able to have access to the internet.

When you receive your QR code you can get this set up straight away, it is super easy to get running and activated.


Why Buy an eSIM for Egypt?

Egypt tourists

There are so many benefits to using eSIM in Egypt, including:

High speed and stable connection in Egypt, you can also keep your WhatsApp number on your cellphone so chatting to your friends/family is easy. Imagine making them jealous by phoning them whilst sailing down the Nile or seeing ancient ruins!

Browse the web wherever you go, find places to go, navigate the ancient streets of Cairo or just be productive on a relaxing holiday on the Red Sea. 

Whether you get lost, or just want to chat to locals, you will be able to use real time translator apps, either to community or improve your Arabic language skills.

Connect to the best network in Egypt and you won't need to worry about normal roaming charges or searching for public WiFi networks

Having access to the internet in Egypt can really enhance your trip, for example, you can phone friends and family from world famous attractions like the Pyramids and make them jealous, or find restaurants to eat at, help navigate here you are going or get help in case of any emergencies.