As far as boating holiday destinations go, Croatia remains something of a hidden gem. While many may opt for the more established popular destinations like Greece, Croatia offers as much or even arguably more and is a lot more affordable.

With a beautiful coastline along the secluded Adriatic Sea, Croatia has some of the most stunning scenery in Europe. If you’re planning to take in Croatia from the sea, we’ve put together a guide to having the perfect sailing holiday. 


1. Get Insured

Making sure that you’re covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances is essential for any holiday, but none more so than a boating trip. For all the serenity and beauty, a boating vacation can provide, it does also come with some risks that holidaymakers need to be aware of. 

The sea is an extremely unpredictable place, weather can change in the blink of an eye and adverse conditions can become dangerous incredibly quickly. What’s more, boats themselves can be dangerous, with moving parts, machinery, and mechanisms posing risk of serious injury. 

To make sure you are covered should anything happen, check out a provider like Staysure travel insurance ahead of time. Their single trip travel insurance will cover medical expenses, last-minute cancellations and pre-existing medical conditions, if you have some.


2. Get Lessons

Safely and effectively operating a boar is a skill, with many years of practice and experience required to do it correctly. Whatever you do, don’t assume you can take a boat out and sail the seas by yourself without prior knowledge or training, this is a sure-fire way to get yourself into an undesirable situation.  

Getting boating or sailing lessons ahead of your trip is the perfect way to get some expert knowledge and advice. You’ll learn about proper boat operation techniques, safety measures, and what to do should an emergency arise. 


3. Consider Tours

If you don't feel confident to do an independent boat trip you could also consider organised Croatia tours. Several local and international operators offer trips all year round, from short day trips to longer adventures.


4. When to Go

Summer is by the most popular time of the year to visit Croatia, but this is also the most expensive time to go. From May to September you are almost guaranteed warm sunny weather conditions. Spring and Autumn are also recommended.


5. Plan Your Route

Avoid thinking you can simply set off at the start of your trip and see where the ocean takes you. Carefully planning your route won’t only help you stay safe on your vacation, but it will give you the best chance to see as much of the stunning Croatian coast as you can. 

While the Adriatic Coast is undeniably beautiful, it does, like any open expanse of water, contain many hazards both visible and invisible. Rocks, shoals, and bridges can all pose a risk to both your boat and the passengers, while other vessels sharing the waters can be dangerous if you get too close. 

Take the time to study maps of the area to familiarise yourself with your location.

Consider following some the many established and pre-planned itineraries. Routes like Dubrovnik – Sipan, Maslinica – Solta Island, and Sali – Dugi Otok will offer you a well-travelled course where you’re guaranteed to encounter some of Croatia’s most incredible sights. 


6. Pack Accordingly

Space can be a premium on board a boat, so packing only the essentials will ensure you have enough to truly relax and enjoy your trip. Avoid bringing large, cumbersome suitcases, as these can be hard to store on a boat. However, make sure you bring enough spare clothes so that you can change should you get wet. Don’t forget sunblock and sunglasses either!


Follow these tips and ensure you make the very best of your sailing holiday. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you’ll soon discover that one of the best ways to experience it is from the sea.