This beautiful country has so much to offer for visitors including volcanoes, rainforest, beaches and some fantastic water sports. Depending on how much advenutre you want to fit into your trip, you might look at enlisting some help to make sure you can do everything you want to do.  

Here we list some reasons as to why Volcano Watersports, a sports equipment rental service in El Castillo, should be high on your list for your holiday to Costa Rica.


They are Based in Arenal

Arenal is not only a top destination for watersports in Costa Rica, but in the world. It’s an incredibly popular tourist destination, and it’s where you will find Volcano Watersports.  Their oceans are at the feet of an active volcano, where you will find all kinds of rare and exotic monkey’s.  As if the water sports weren't exciting enough - the destination is amazing.


They Offer Rental Options

The great thing about Volcano Watersports is that they also offer rental options on their equipment.  You can rent what you need for tubing, water skiing and wake surfing.  This means if you are travelling from a long way to your favourite water sports destination - you don’t need to worry about your equipment there too.  They also have the option for you to rent a boat to make your day extra special.


They will Cater to Any Occasion

No matter what the occasion, you can trust Volcano Water Sports to deliver for you.  Their experiences are perfect for any kind of event whether that be a romantic trip doing something you both love, a fun day out with family and friends, or even part of a corporate team building event.

The rental boats would be perfect for this, and the team pride themselves in creating a truly personalised day for you depending on your requirements.  They will even be able to arrange your favourite food and drinks at your request. 


There are lots of great Nearby Places to Stay

It’s always good to have enjoyable surroundings nearby which is what’s fantastic about Volcano Watersports.  It’s super close to the village of El Castillo and there are tons of different options when it comes to accommodation.  They all come with picturesque views of the lake and the volcano, not to mention great food options.

There are some nature trails nearby the lake if you want to do more exploring and hot springs too. La Fortuna is also close, and one of Costa Rica’s major towns.  There are heaps of activities and restaurants to take advantage of.


If you are planning on a water sports adventure next year, and not sure which company to choose in terms of helping you get everything back on track, then make sure you check out the reasons above as to why Volcano Watersports as your option.