Check out our recommendations which will make your next trip easier and stress free.


Recommendations for Flying with Contact Lenses

Due to the pressure and air circulation of a plane, the air is much drier than on the ground, and this can cause issues for contact lense users.

These tips will help make flying with contact lenses easier.

1. Bring eye drops
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Don't sleep wearing your contact lenses
4. Bring a travel kit
5. Bring an extra pair
6. Wash your hands thorougly before touching your contact lenses


Before Departing & Packing Advice

Most people need to buy contact lenses on a regular basis. This is because you improve your eye care and reduce the chances of irritation or infection. Disposable contact lenses need to be purchased frequently, and before going on a trip you will need to make sure your prescriptions are up to date. You could also do a routine eye check just to make sure the lenses you are wearing are the correct ones.

When packing, as well as your passport, insurance and clothes you should bring any copies of prescriptions you have, usually you can use this to get new lenses in a lot of worldwide destinations. It is also advisable to pack a backup pair of glasses, just to be on the safe side.

Instead of actually buying lenses in person at your local optometrist or eye care center, you could also consider buying contact lenses online as now lots of companies and websites offer affordable rates which can be cheaper. There are also special offers where you can make savings up to 50%!

If you are going abroad, you will need to check latest travel information for what you can and can't pack as part of your luggage. Sometimes contact lense solution can be an issue unless it is a small amount which you can take onbaord a flight. Avoid any issues at the airport by checking this in advance.

You might want to consider contact lenses with UV protection if you are planning a sun break. Also before entering swimming pools or the ocean be sure to remove the contact lenses. This will reduce your chances of infection.


How Easy is it to Buy Contact Lenses Abroad?

If you are worried about whether it is possible or easy to buy contact lenses abroad, do not panic. In most countries it is very straightforward. 

Before going on your trip, search online to find stores or websites in your destination to search for deals. There are lots of options like going to shop for contact lenses at designer optics, this is one of the best online retailers. In addition to having an enormous selection and inventory, Designer Optics offer deep discounts, rebates, free offers, and free shipping to numerous locations.

Once you have selected an online contact lens retailer, you can easily shop online (you can either e-mail your order or call). You choose the brand and quantity. After searching for your brand of lenses, enter your prescription information and desired quantity. Most of the time, you know that the bigger the purchase, the more money you will save.

You will usually be asked to provide your ophthalmologist with contact information or a copy of your prescription. Most websites will then direct you to a confirmation page with the order number. The confirmation page lets you know that your order has been received and is being processed. 

The company will verify your prescription and send you an email informing you when your order has been shipped and when to expect delivery. Most contacts appear within a few days.

Once you set up your account and the company verifies your prescription, future orders can be placed in less than a minute.

Which is better now? Get in your car, drive to the local eye care center (with gas at current prices), and wait in line to place your order, or shop at your home or whilst on vacation. Keep in mind that large online contact lens retailers have a lot of inventory, so your contacts are much more likely to be in stock than your local iCare center.

With our busy lives, buying your contact lenses online is one way to make life easier so you can enjoy your break and not have to worry about finding local shops in person.