Still, it’s definitely worth trying.

Colorado is the perfect place for all of you who love being on an active outdoor vacation and there are activities for everyone - solo travellers, friends and families.

If you want to plan the ultimate summer break to Colorado and wish to be wowed on multiple levels, read on for our top tips for what to see and where to go.


Top Things to Do in Colorado This Summer

Now check out our top things to do in Colorado during summer and get excited for an amazing experience.


1. Visit the Rockies

There is no other way to begin the story about Colorado tourist attractions but to mention the Rocky Mountains.

After all, Colorado prides itself with 1,000 Rocky Mountain peaks that are over 10,000 ft high. Therefore, visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park is a must.

Hiking is one of the most popular activities and there are trails for all levels and abilities. You are guaranteed amazing views.

If it is your first time here, the easiest trail is around Bear Lake whilst the most challenging walk is on Longs Peak.


2. Attend a Concert

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado

In the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, of course! This is the perfect place to see the stars, literally and metaphorically.

This unique rock structure is situated in Morrison, some 10 miles west of Denver. This amazing historic place can hold over 9,000 people, but make sure to study this year’s list of performers and book your ticket on time.


3. Have a Drink

Colorado beer

Colorado is renowned for its wineries (there are over 100 of them), as well as craft breweries. The latter seems to be the locals’ favorite hobby, as there are over 300 such breweries.

The Great American Beer Festival is something you must visit, but if this is your favorite beverage, then you’ll be glad to know all breweries have beer tasting events.


4. Go Mountain Biking

Forest mountain biking

With the Rockies right there, is there a better place to go mountain biking? Hardly.

The state is said to have invented mountain biking in the first place, so it’s only natural you will find plenty of like-minded enthusiasts here.

If you’re fit enough for a race, these abound all year long, including some which last for 24 hours. The tracks can be rocky or paved – it’s your choice.


5. Take a Cannabis Tour

Colorado marijuana dispensary

Fortunately for all cannabis lovers, they don’t have to go to the Netherlands anymore to unwind with this special herb.

Ever since the legalization in 2012, marijuana tourism in Colorado has been absolutely blooming. Colorado cannabis tours are massively advertised and you can take part in one of many marijuana inspired events and activities such as cannabis cooking and painting classes, or even take a course in joint rolling.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can go along the street with a joint in your hand. Marijuana is to be enjoyed privately, either at home or at special bars. Otherwise, you may face a penalty, similar to drinking in public.

This is definately one of the more alternative things you can do in Colorado.


6. Enjoy Water Sports

Colorado kayaking

There are four good reasons why you should try your hand at water sports activities, and they are: the Colorado, Platte, Arkansas and the Rio Grande. Four incredible rivers, which are especially popular in spring among the most adventurous.

However, if you prefer calm waters, there are more than enough lakes and rivers in the state of Colorado for your full enjoyment. The season generally lasts from May to September, with May and June being the most exciting months for whitewater lovers.

You can go swimming, kayaking and there are rafting trips for families which are ideal if you have young ones with you. People of all ages can enjoy white water rafting and the minimum age for many rafting adventures is only 12 years old. 


7. Fly in the Sky

Hot air  balloon festival Colorado Springs

Every Labor Day is really something special in Colorado Springs, as this is the venue of the yearly hot-air balloon race.

There are 65 of them competing during the Labor Day Lift Off festival. You can observe the balloons, cheer, sip on beer in the gardens, or take paddle boarding lessons and watch skydiving demonstrations.

Also, if you are keen on feasting your eyes on stunning nature, there’s the Garden of the Gods in the nearby. This National Natural Landmark was voted number one city park in the whole country.


8. Have a Bite

Rocky Mountain Oysters

After all these outdoor activities, it’s impossible not to get hungry. While in Colorado, do have a taste of their famous Palisade peaches (in Palisade town, if possible).

Rocky Mountain Oysters are not for everyone, as this snack is made of breaded or fried bull or bison testicles. However, what everyone absolutely adores is the famous green chili, made with special Pueblo chilies.


Enjoy the Perfect Summer Break in Colorado

So, there you have it. Although states like California and Florida get all the attention for summer especially with overseas tourists, Colorado really is one of the best summer destinations to visit in the USA.

There are so many amazing things to do, see, engage in, and even taste! If you’re looking for a great vacation destination, look no further, because Colorado has it all.