Thinking about going travelling and wondering if you can pack your CBD? Before departing check the entry requirements online and get advice before packing.

In a lot of countries in Europe, CBD is safe to take with you as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC. 

For the USA, a CBD product is considered to be legal if it contains less than 0.3% THC. However, in some US locations, state law may conflict with federal law and can cause issues on arrival.

As for other countries around the world, you will need to research and check to make sure before hand as every destination and different requirements.

If you are wondering which type of CDB to take with you, view our recommendations below.


Choose CBD Topicals

One of the many different reasons that CBD has become such a popular supplement option is in part due to the different ways it can be used and the level of control that it gives the traveller. While most dietary supplements come in an oil, capsule, and edible forms, CBD is different and can be used in many different and varied ways.

CBD topicals are just one of the options available to those looking to add a small CBD dose to their everyday lives. CBD topicals work in a very different way to other forms of CBD and, as a result, provide a much more targeted approach towards particular areas of the body.

The CBD contained within topicals is absorbed through the skin and therefore is able to enter the body and start working much quicker than other ingestible types of CBD. The trade-off for some people is that CBD topicals do not affect the entire body, but merely the application area.

Let’s take a closer look at BCD topicals and how they work to help you decide whether they are the right form of CBD for you.


What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are the term used to describe any CBD products that are applied to the skin, rather than ingested, and which works by being absorbed through the skin. Everything from CBD cream, CBD bath bombs, and CBD patches full within the category of being a CBD topical.

CBD topicals can be a great way to combine your favorite cosmetics and creams with a healthy CBD dose, giving your skin the hydration and care that it needs. As CBD topicals work by penetrating the surface layers of the skin, their effects are mainly limited to the skin, joints, and muscles.


How Do CBD Topicals Work?

Like regular creams and balms, CBD topicals work their way through the surface layers of the skin where they can take effect. Many topicals, especially creams, contain a number of hydrating and moisturizing essential oils alongside CBD, which help to promote many of the health benefits associated with topical CBD.

Once CBD enters the skin, it works in much the same way as other forms of CBD, only with a limited reach. Interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD is thought to help reduce both inflammation and pain when applied to muscles and joints. 

As the CBD contained within topicals is applied directly to problematic areas of the body, its effects are felt much quicker than CBD that is consumed orally. When you ingest CBD orally – for example, in the case of CBD oil – it must work its way through your bloodstream before its effects are felt. With CBD topicals, this is not the case; they cause more noticeable effects in just a few short minutes.

For those looking to treat mild aches and pains, CBD topicals are an excellent way to do so. Leaving the rest of your body unaffected by the increased cannabinoid levels in your body and producing fast acting results, CBD topicals are the ideal solution.


The Different Types of CBD Topicals on the Market

Many people mistakenly assume that all CBD topicals are the same and that the only decision to make when shopping is your chosen topical concentration level. There are actually many different CBD topicals to choose from, including calming CBD infused bath bombs to cosmetic face cream that contain a healthy dose of CBD.

Most CBD brands offer their own unique range of CBD topicals. Premium Jane, for example, offers its customers hydrating CBD balms as well as a number of beautifully scented CBD bath bombs. Other brands, such as Provacan, have an extensive selection of CBD topicals, including face creams and sun cream, helping you to add a little extra CBD into your everyday life.

With there being so many different CBD topicals to choose from, it is essential to opt for products that you can see yourself actually sticking with and being able to incorporate into your everyday life easily.

Replacing your regular CBD eye cream with a CBD infused option or adding a CBD bath bomb to your bath water a few times a week are two simple yet effective ways to boost your CBD intake.


Final Thoughts on CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to add a little extra CBD into their daily routine without needing to worry about altering their body’s overall level of cannabinoids.

Whether there is a particular area of your body that requires additional CBD on top of your current CBD intake, or you simply want to target specific areas of your body, CBD topicals might just be the answer.

The ability to target specific areas of your body with an enhanced dose of CBD gives you a level of control that is not possible with other CBD products and is one of the main reasons that they have become so popular.