There are some top places to visit in Wyoming and Jackson Hole has tons of amazing activities all year round.

A friend asked whether it was appropriate to bring his son and daughter along on the next vacation to Jackson Hole, so I told him about some of the things my kids have learned to enjoy.

Here are some of the most fun things to do for families in Jackson Hole.


1. Skiing

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Each of the three resorts provides options regarding whether to take the kids on or off the hill for entertainment.

Of course, I encouraged my kids learn how to ski from an early age. My daughter likes snowboarding more now, and my son is becoming a proficient skier for his age group.

When they get tired of being on the hill or at hotels, they go to the museum, shopping, center for arts and other destinations for activities.


2. Horseback Riding

Wyoming horse riding

I don’t have an interest for riding on the back of a horse, but my daughter loves all animals and wanted to ride ever since she could verbalize the passion.  Since it is a family-friendly activity, my son and I watch from the sidelines as my wife and daughter enjoy their own pastime of riding.


3. History Museum

It’s not like my son and I don’t have our own passions.  He loves asking questions, and being a history teacher, I love directing his inquisitive nature toward websites, books, and museums about history.  Since he also loves nature, he enjoys going to the National Museum of Wildlife Art.


4. Area Events

When it comes to Jackson Hole, I have to check the events calendar because I may miss an opportunity to entertain the little ones further. For example, last year the kids went to a concert, learned yoga, took dog-training classes and did a bunch of other things on a whim.  I urged my friend to keep a close eye on the Jackson Hole city website for upcoming events.


5. Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake, Wyoming

My daughter’s name is Jenny and it’s no coincidence she shares the name with a lake in the area.

Located within Grand Teton National Park, Jenny is accompanied by hiking trails, gorgeous landscape, and moments of serenity my wife and I now share with our children.

We bring along snacks and enjoy family time sitting or hiking along the lake.


6. Jackson Hole Rodeo

Jackson Hole Cowboy Sign

I love the rodeo’s “Where the West is Still Wild” sentiment.  My kids can’t get enough of seeing activities done first hand that they only see on television back east.  Events include bronc riding, bareback riding, bull riding, barrel racing, calf roping, and team roping.


7. Center for the Arts

The arts center offers activities for my wife and me but my kids like to peruse through upcoming events for a chance to do something unique.  For example, they both wanted to take a workshop on puppetry.  I think talking puppets is a little creepy but the kids love it and it’s a positive way to explore their creativity.


My wife and I fell in love in Jackson Hole and now our kids are falling in love with the destination due to its limitless opportunities to entertain both on and off the slopes. If you want to visit somewhere different away from the tourist crowds, take the chance. to visit Jackson Hole, this really is one of the top destinations in Wyoming.