If you have dietary restrictions, it can be frustrating to go out to restaurants that do not accommodate for dietary needs. 
Thankfully, there are many popular destinations in Florida that are integrating a plant-based approach into the culture.

There are so many amazing places to visit in Florida and the cities we have featured are some of the most popular with tourists and perfectly accommodate people who want to enjoy the best vegan eats and also an active vacation. We have also included some top tips to help you maximize your stay.


1. West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is an upscale city on the coast of Southern Florida that offers endless options for vegan travelers. This city has options that will delight the taste buds. From breads to smoothies to bowls, this area is a top foodie destination for plant-based travelers that are exploring Florida.

Check out these amazing restaurants that prepare delicious plant-centric dishes in West Palm Beach:

  • 1. Agora Mediterranean Kitchen
  • 2. Rhythm Cafe
  • 3. Galley
  • 4. Malakor Thai Cafe
  • 5. Avocado Grill
  • 6. Aioli
  • 7. Darbster
  • 8. Table 427
  • 9. The Circle at The Breakers
  • 10. Sweet Tomatoes

Top Tip for Visiting Palm Beach:

Search for accommodation in advance, in popular areas, especially during summer prices rocket and rooms fill up quick.  


2. Sarasota

Although many larger destinations in Florida do not make an extensive effort to accommodate plant-based lifestyles, Sarasota is a city that does an amazing job of offering divine dishes that are customized to fit any dietary preference.

Not only are there great lunch and dinner spots to dine at, there are amazing juice bars and smoothie shops. These shops offer unique combinations and incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients such as avocado, carrots, flax seeds, blueberries, kale, and apples. 

Visit Sarasota to have a rich, cultural experience while enjoying amazing dining opportunities at:

  • 1. Shore
  • 2. The Garden Room Cafe at Shoogie Boogies
  • 3. Eleni's Pizza Works
  • 4. First Watch
  • 5. Fresh Start Cafe
  • 6. Pho 101 Noodle House
  • 7. Millie's
  • 8. Cafe L'Europe
  • 9. Clayton's Siesta Grille
  • 10. First Watch


3. Tampa

The city of Tampa borders Sarasota, and has a large number of vegetarian cafes.

The city is designed to assist travelers in every aspect of their health. From a large number of healthy restaurants to many boutique gyms, people who visit Tampa are able to maintain their wellness-focus lifestyle while staying in top condition. In addition, Tampa offers many other services that help their tourists remain safe and well. 

Check out these places to eat in Tampa:

  • 1. Fresh Kitchen
  • 2. First Watch
  • 3. Wright's Gourmet House
  • 4. Daily Eats
  • 5. Samaria Cafe
  • 6. The Bricks
  • 7. On Swann
  • 8. Wat Mongkolratanaram Thai Temple
  • 9. Seasons 52
  • 10. Ulele

Top Tip for Visiting Tampa:

Consider how you will get around. Renting a car is the most popular option for visitors and can be pre-arranged or booked on arrival. Make sure you get car insurance before and if you do happen to get in a car crash in Tampa, there are firms and attorneys that are eager to ensure that you receive the medical attention and compensation that you deserve.


4. Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach is a region that is known for attracting many active families to their coastline. From biking to running, kitesurfing to walking, visitors to this coastal region are constantly on the go. Since travelers prioritize health, many choose to live a vegan lifestyle.

This strip of the coast is stocked full of delicious opportunities for plant-based nourishment. From veggie tacos to dairy-free pizza, this location is known to “wow” plant-based travelers.

Visit Fort Walton Beach to experience an amazing shoreline while dining at top rated incredible restaurants including:

  • 1. Asiago's Skillet
  • 2. Clemenza's at Uptown
  • 3. Bay Cafe
  • 4. Tijuana Flats
  • 5. Rockin Tacos
  • 6. Magnolia Grill Fort Walton Beach
  • 7. Burrito Del Sol
  • 8. Thai Town Restaurant
  • 9. Ali's Bistro
  • 10. Soi Bistro


5. Miami

Miami is incredible and easily one of the top locations to add to your Florida itinerary. These are some restaurants not to miss which offer some of the best food going: 

  • 1. Crust
  • 2. Palat
  • 3. Aromas del Peru
  • 4. INTI.MO
  • 5. Full Bloom Gourmet Vegan Cuisine
  • 6. il Pastaiolo
  • 7. Bombay Darbar
  • 8. Aromas del Peru
  • 9. Tequiztlan
  • 10. Mister O1

Top Tip for Visiting Miami:

Stay in South Beach for the ultimate Miami experience, the beach restaurants, bars and atmosphere is amazing.


If you prefer plant-based entrees, consider visiting Florida on your next vacation. When you travel, it is important that you find dining options that are nourishing and enjoyable.

Before your next trip, try researching restaurants to ensure that you will have amazing options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From West Palm Beach to Fort Walton Beach, the options for healthy living are endless in Florida.