Travelling with your best friend will bring you closer to each other and can make your bond even stronger. It is an experience that both of you will surely cherish for the rest of your life.

But deciding which places to visit can be hard, given the many choices available. So to help you and your bestie plan that trip of a lifetime, check out this list of the best places to travel with your BFF. 


1. New Zealand

New Zealand

There are many good reasons why you should choose New Zealand for a trip with your bestie. For one, it has the most stunning and diverse landscape in the world. There are only a few countries like New Zealand where snow-capped mountains can exist with volcanic sand beaches and tropical rainforests. 

The best way to discover the diverse landscape of the country is to go on a road trip. For instance, you and your bestie can drive from Lake Wanaka going to the Glacier Country. Along the way, you'll come across massive lakes, lush rainforests, glacial valleys, and stunning beaches. Indeed, the landscape in New Zealand is not like anything you've seen before!

In New Zealand, you and your bestie are guaranteed to have fun, because there are just so many activities for you to do. If you're into thrilling adventures, ride the Dart River Jetboat from Queenstown and marvel at the gorgeous views as the boat zooms across the water surrounded by towering peaks. And if you want to do some daring adventure, take your bestie for a thrilling bungee jumping adventure in Queenstown.

Another good reason to visit New Zealand is the warm and friendly Kiwi people. In fact, those who have been to New Zealand would say that the locals are what makes the country special. The kiwis are very laidback, friendly, and outgoing. They will welcome you with open arms and will always be willing to help you with directions. Above all, they are always up for an adventure and are passionate about showing visitors the best that their country has to offer.


2. Vietnam 

Ha Long Bay

Vietnam is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations for backpackers, and it's easy to see why. Everything is affordable, from food to accommodations. Above all, it's a safe place to travel to, whether you're on your own or with your best friend in tow.

Vietnam is known for its delicious and affordable cuisines, which is one of the main reasons why tourists would flock here. From spring rolls to banh mi, Vietnam's cuisines are truly fascinating. It's hard to tell exactly what makes Vietnamese cuisines great, but one thing is for sure, you and your bestie will surely have fun exploring the food scene here. While in Vietnam, make sure you check out its beautiful beaches. Boasting more than 2,000 miles of coastline, not to mention the many beautiful islands, Vietnam certainly has no shortage of beautiful beaches. There are many beaches for you to choose from, but the most popular ones are the beaches in Con Dao and Phu Quoc Island.

Make your Vietnam trip even more memorable by taking a cruise down the Mekong River. The river is about 2,700 miles long, making it one of the longest rivers in the world.  Your cruise will take you through lush rural landscapes, passing through small towns and villages. It's a great way to learn more about Vietnam’s culture and history while taking in the fascinating sights of the countryside.


3. Madagascar


Madagascar is known for its unique wildlife, stunning rainforest, and white sand beaches. It's the biggest island in the Indian Ocean and offers vast activities for all kinds of tourists. For wildlife enthusiasts, visiting national parks is a must.

Madagascar is home to more than 60 pieces of lemurs, which are currently considered as endangered species. Whale watching is another fun activity that you can do with your bestie if you’re looking for a small guided Madagascar tour of the coast. The island is located near the migration route for whales, which takes place twice a year, and are easily visible from the coast, especially on Sainte-Marie island.

If you and your best friend are beach bummers, then you'll love Madagascar even more. It is home to the Indian Ocean's most beautiful beaches, sitting along its more than 3,000 miles of coastline. Madagascar has a wide range of beaches suitable to everyone, from the exotic charm of the Ile St Marie to the wild southern shores of Manafiafy. If you don't mind splurging and would like to experience a bit of luxury, check out Anjajavy. They have a private nature reserve and can be reached via a private plane.

To make the most of your Madagascar trip, consider joining a small group tour. Depending on your preferred itinerary, you can book a tour that includes a visit to the nature reserves and doing some fun activities at the beach. Everything will be arranged for you, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free holiday with your bestie.


4. Kyrgyzstan


If you and your best buddy are the adventurous types and looking for a destination totally off the beaten track, then head to Kyrgyzstan. You may not have heard much about this country, but that is what makes it even more exciting to visit. Aside from its fascinating culture and interesting traditions, Kyrgyzstan has crystal-clear lakes and unspoiled mountains that you and your best friend can trek. 

Kyrgyzstan features a wild untouched beauty that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Almost 90 per cent of its land is above 1,500 meters high, so trekking is a must activity in this beautiful country. As you trek through the mountains, you will be passing along beautiful alpine lakes, dreamy meadows filled with hundreds of wildflowers, and gorgeous mountain peaks. For outdoor enthusiasts, Kyrgyzstan is certainly a paradise! 

Aside from Kyrgyzstani trekking, you can experience several other exciting activities. You can go on a horseback riding adventure, learn how to build a yurt, marvel at the soviet-era buildings of Bishkek, and sample the local dishes. Given the many interesting things to do in  Kyrgyzstan, you and your bestie are guaranteed to have a great time!


Other Ideas

Travel ideas with friend

There really are thousands of potential travel destinations and things to do all around the world. Here are some other amazing opportunities to add to your best friend bucket list:

  • Climb Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Go island hopping in Thailand
  • See world famous cities in Italy
  • Road trip the USA
  • Discover the beautiful Algarve in Portugal
  • Sailing in Greece
  • Explore Croatia
  • Get lost in Bali
  • Experience the sights and sounds of Brazil
  • Shopping and sightseeing in Paris
  • Enjoy the great outdoors in Iceland
  • Party in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • Safari in South Africa
  • See ancient history in Egypt


Do you have any recommendations for places we haven't featured on our list? Let us know in the comments section below.