Although small in size (4km), there are so many things you can do here.

Thousands of international tourists visit every year and if you have an up coming trip check out our essential places you should see before leaving Gibraltar.


1. The Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar has numerous tourist attractions and The Rock of Gibraltar is right up there with the most famous. This huge rock looms high over Gibraltar and you can reach the top by taxi, car or cable car. You will be rewarded with spectacular views for miles around!

If you go to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar you will get to see wild monkeys! Look at most postcards of Gibraltar and you will see it is famous for its Barbary macaques, the only monkeys living wild in Europe.

There are more than 300 monkeys in this area but a word of caution, they might look cute but be careful with your belongings as monkey have been known to bite and also steal belongings.


2. Europa Point

Europa Point

No trip to Gibraltar would be complete without going to Europa Point. Here you will get views of Algeciras Bay and the Africa! You'll also be able to see a 19th-century lighthouse, Harding Battery, the Mosque of The Custodian of the Holy Mosques and the old chapel of Nuestra Señora de Europa.


3. O'Hara's Battery

Gibraltar O'Hara's Battery

Climb to Gibraltar's highest point - over 400 meters high and you will find the ruins of O'Hara's Battery. Originally built in 1890, this military fort was never used but now offers incredible views from the top of the Rock. You will need to be in good fitness to reach the top.


4. The Moorish Castle

The Moorish Castle

If you wander down the main shopping street you will be able to catch a glimpse of the old Moorish Castle. This castle was built in the 8th century and has been destroyed and rebuilt over time. The ruins are in good condition and original features still remain like the tower. 


5. St. Michael's Cave

St. Michael's Cave, Gibraltar

The St. Michael's Cave complex includes over 150 small caves in The Rock of Gibraltar. Tickets can be brought to enter the caves where you can walk and see some spectacular limestone sights, walkways and tunnels.

There are lots of small chambers open to walk through, and accessible by a series of small holes and steps. You might not believe this but, concerts, ballet and performances also take place in the Cathedral Cave with seating for over 400 people!


6. Gibraltar Museum

If you are looking to learn more about Gibraltars complex history then a trip to the Gibraltar Museum is recommended. This museum offers an insight into how Gibraltar looked in the past and you can see galleries describing past sieges and how Gibraltar has changed over time.


7. Great Siege Tunnels

Great Siege Tunnels

The Great Siege Tunnels and an engineering masterpiece created using manual labour.

These tunnels were building by the British to act as a defense against the threat from France and Spain. During World War II more tunnels were built making the length to over 50km! Guided tours are available but not recommended if you are claustrophobic.


8. La Alameda Gardens

La Alameda Gardens Gibraltar

Gibraltar has botanic gardens (La Alameda Gardens) which is a great place to see nature and relax away from the tourist crowds. The La Alameda Gardens were commissioned in 1816 and since thousands of tousits have been to visit. They are kept in great condition all year round.


9. Beaches

Gibraltar beach

If you would like to spend time relaxing you can go in search of the best beach! There are several beaches located around the island, head behind the portside of the Rock for the best ones.


10. Casemates Square

Casemates Square

In the town of Gibraltar you can find lots of shops, cafes and restaurants. You will find a mix of tourists and locals here, and we highly recommend spending time relaxing in Casemates Square located north of main street. This is the largest public square in the city center and a good place to grab a drink or bite to eat.


Plan a Trip to Gibraltar

Are you looking to plan your trip? Need ideas for somewhere to stay? Try to stay at a hotel in vicinity to all the main sights and then get ready to enjoy the best time possible.


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