Meribel is not just a destination for tourists during winter time when all is covered in white powder. It’s an excellent pick for summer, as well. The range of activities varies from archery to canoeing, geocaching, hot-air ballooning and even helicopter tours.

We promise that once you've seen the surreal alpine landscape and the variety of things you can do in Meribel, you'll never want to leave. Especially if you're a sports enthusiast looking for adventure, you'll discover plenty adrenaline-inducing activities here.

Regardless of your age, or if you have little ones around, you will find all you need in this marvelous place!

If sports are not your thing, rest assured that Meribel also offers an assortment of relaxing activities, such as lounging in a hot tub, beauty treatments or massage therapies. 

Let's see the top ten things you can do when in Meribel for the summer!


1. Fly Above the Clouds

The beauty of Meribel reveals itself from the sky as well as on foot. You can jump aboard a light aircraft and enjoy the amazing view of the mountains and hills from above. The great thing about it is that it comes at a low price!


2. Swim Surrounded by Nature

Take a pass on those indoor pools and enjoy the tranquility of the lakes of Meribel. In the summer the water will be just the right temperature for you to chill in the middle of nature.


3. Enjoy a Treasure Hunt

Geocaching relies on your ability to follow coordinates to discover hidden treasures. It can be an excellent family activity as well as a way to spend some time admiring the scenery.


4. Feel the Rush of Kayaking 

Diving into the clear water of mountain streams is definitely an adrenaline rush destined for the summer. Take the plunge down cascades and liberate yourself from worries through natural water slides! Lots of France tour operators offer these types of trips. 


5. Exhilarate Yourself with Hydro Speeding

This extreme water sport boosts your adrenaline and raises your endorphins level. You'll be faced with the rapid waters through an intense experience of hurtling down while clinging on for dear life.


6. Feel the Fresh Air

Mountaineering is a sport for all seasons. Local guides can take you sightseeing and show you spots that you wouldn’t have discovered on your own. Not to mention, mountaineering can be a great activity for team building purposes, as well. 


7. Get Acquainted with Nature

If you are a nature lover, then Meribel is the perfect destination for you. Not only that you’ll get to experience the beauty of the French Alps, but you’ll also have the chance to spot amazing flora, rare birds, and other animals. After all, Meribel is part of the Nature Reserve of Plan de Tueda.


8. Relax with Luxury Spa Treatments

If you know how to save on accommodation, you can enjoy a pretty luxurious vacation. Massages, beauty treatments, manicure and whatever else will lift your spirits is part of the pampering experience that comes with this holiday destination. Relax those aching muscles in a jacuzzi or sauna.


9. Take a Forest Adventure

You'll certainly have fun visiting one of the greatest attractions: the adventure park. Suitable for both children and adults, you're all going to explore, enjoy, exercise and overcome your fears with the variety of adventure courses. 


10. Reflect on the Things that Matter

A couple of companies in Meribel offer yoga lessons, so you'll be able to relief all those muscle cramps after all that hiking. Yoga will help you reconnect with yourself and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.


Plan a Summer Trip to Meribel

Meribel is an attraction destination for tourists for each season. The scenery is breathtaking, and due to offering an assortment of activities, every person will surely find a way to enjoy the place! So whether you fancy an active summer holiday or a gap year in France, you really need to visit Meribel.

If you do travel to Meribel and don't want to leave there are lots of employment opportunities all year round. This is one of the best places to find seasonal jobs in France.