Although tourism is getting more popular every year, this island is still relatively quiet compared to similar places in south-east Asia like the Thai islands. There is also great value to be had on accommodation, sightseeing and activities.

There are lots of places to visit and activities for all types of tourists in Boracay, from budget backpackers, couples and families. If you would like to experience this magical island for yourself, check out our list of 10 of the best things you need to do in Boracay...


1. Relax on White Beach

White Beach Boracay

White Beach is one of the most popular and busy beaches on Boracay. This is where you can find a lot of accommodation, bars, restaurants and clubs are located and it is a hive of activity in a beautiful setting. In the day you can relax on one of the best beaches in the Phillipines, and at night enjoy world class cuisine and entertainment. 


2. Go Beach Hopping

Boracay beach

While White Beach garners most attention and also the tourist crowds, to get a really authentic experience and to see some of the top beaches it is important to venture a little further.

There is plenty of beautiful beaches to be experienced all around the island and we recommend trying to see as many as popular. Every beach and location is different, some you can go snorkeling, do water-based activities or just kick back and relax on some of the most pristine white sand you will see.

Here are some of the best beaches to add to your Boracay travel itinerary:

  • Puka Shell Beach
  • Ilig-iligan Beach
  • Lapus-Lapus Beach
  • Bulabog Beach
  • Lagutan Beach
  • Tulubhan Beach
  • Tambisaan Beach
  • Crocodile Beach
  • Manoc-Manoc Beach
  • Cagban Beach
  • Diniwid Beach
  • Balinghai Beach
  • Punta Bunga & Banyugan Beach


3. Experience Sunrise & Sunset

Boracay Sunset

Almost anyone who has visited Boracay will vouch for how spectacular both sunrise and sunset is. There is no better way to start or finish the day than viewing this extraordinary spectacle and you really have to experienced it for yourself to truly understand how magical it is.

Every evening, typically between 5 and 6 pm, you can pick a spot on any of the beaches to watch the setting sun against the backdrop of the ocean and fishing boats. For sunrise, even if just once, head to the beach and witness one of the most impressive sunrises of your life.


4. Watersports

Sailing in Boracay

There are an endless tour activities in Boracay and watersports dominate the list of the best things to do and most things to do here and most are either free or low cost. From swimming, snorkelling, kiteboarding, parasailing, diving, sailing and jet skiing - you have a lot of choice.

Boracay is one of the prime diving spots in the Philippines and a great place to go scuba diving. Rates are very competative and there are destinations for all levels, from complete beginners or more experienced divers. The ocean, coral and marine life around Boracay are amazing.

Boracay Watersports

If you are seeking adventure and are keen for a wild time on the water, there is nothing better than the Fly Fish Ride. You can board an inflatable vessel which is pulled at high speed by speedboat - this is a thrilling experience but not for the feint hearted. 

For something a little different you can even become a mermaid. This might sound bizarre but it is a very popular activity and a suitable activity for all ages. This includes ninety minutes of fun where you can get dressed up like a Mermaid, with a flamboyant tail and get photos in spectcaular locations around the island. This is a popular activity for families and children.


5. Explore Inland

There is much more to Boracay than jiust beaches. Land tours can be booked which will take you to see places inland and throughout the island.

You will get to see lush nature, exotic wildlife and a bird's eye view of Boracay from some of the highest points on the island. Enroute some travel operators make a stop at the Boracay Wildlife Expo where you can get a close-up encounter with monkeys, crocodile's and a variety of birds.


6. Sample the Local Cuisine

Boracay restaurant

There are hundreds of restaurants which offer Asia and also Western cuisine. If you really want to enjoy the real Philippines food go to local food outlets which are usually a short walk outside of the main tourist areas like White Beach. Not only is the food cheap, but is delicious too.

You might want to try the barbecue sticks from the street vendors, which are the staple snack of the islanders. Boracay also has some of the best variety of fruit and juices. Be sure to sample the local mangoes and coconut water, these must be tasted as they are all freshly picked.

Also try to learn some basic phrases for the Philippines before arriving to impress the locals.


7. Enjoy the Nightlife

Boracay is well known for its vibrant nightlife, with places like The White House and Club Paraw being some of the most popular establishments to visit. Massive parties take place here, at any time of day, and are well attended by both locals and foreigners alike.

Other places to check out include Exit Bar, Coco Bar, Guilly’s Island, Epic and Cocomangas Shooters Bar. Entry to most bars and clubs is free, and once you have finished bobbing your head you can chill out on the beach with a cold beer with music playing in the background. 


8. Book an Adventure ATV Trip

Taking a ride on the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is the ideal way to explore the rugged forests and roads of the north coast of Boracay.

The route takes the enthusiast on a thrilling ride through sharp curves, slopes and rocky uphill sections. The trip culminates at a beautiful cave where one can alight and wash in the cool sea waters while relishing fresh coconut water.


9. See Boracay from Above

Looking for a totally unique and memorable experience? Book a unique helicopter ride above Boracay where you will see the island is a totally different way.

This is an amazing experience where you will get to take amazing photos and see more of the island. Helicopter rides are exhilarating especially if you have never done anything like this before. Prices are also affordable.


10. Enjoy a Spa or Massage

Boracay massage

What better way to enjoy a relaxing experience than havin a local massage. There are spas and massages available throughout the island which are very popular with international tourists due to the prices being so cheap and the treatments so good.

You can have a massage on the beach in a spectacular setting, or they can be booked at most hotels. There are also professional spas available to visit. Go on, treat yourself.


Plan a Dream Trip to Boracay

Boracay has innumerable activities available for everyone to enjoy. While it is impossible to experience all in one go, the eight things listed here have been carefully chosen, keeping the culture of the Philippines in mind.