With so many different TEFL courses available, choosing the best TEFL course can difficult but our guide is here to help making that decision easier.

Becoming qualified to teach English can totally change your life. You can start a new career and get paid to live all over the world.

We have put together a guide to teaching English abroad/online including information about what courses are recommended for beginners, advanced levels.

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What is TEFL & Why Take a TEFL Course

If you are totally new to the idea of teaching abroad, TEFL literally stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a TEFL certificate is a recognised qualification that enables you to work as an English teacher.

Every year thousands of people complete TEFL courses and start teaching English. Whether you want to have a different job, explore the world, or start a new life overseas, TEFL really opens so many possibilities.

By getting a TEFL course this is your chance to become a certified English teacher and get paid. You can work as a TEFL teacher all over the world, popular destinations include Thailand, Japan, Korea, Dubai, Spain, Czech Republic, Mexico and Argentina. There is also the option to teach online, either full time or part time in your spare time.

Courses include everything you need to know about the industry, what to teach students, how to create lesson plans and how to become a successful teacher.

Please note due to Covid-19, most courses are currently online.


Which Company to Book With

If you have been researching companies to take your TEFL certification with you will have noticed there are lots to choose from.

Not all companies are trustworthy or offer reputable qualifications so rather than listing all companies, our guide only features courses from top rated providers who offer top recommended TEFL certifications.

The companies we recommend include:


Premier TEFL Premier TEFL

Lets TEFL Get TEFL CertifiedLet's TEFL


Which TEFL Course to Take

There are hundreds of TEFL certifications available and knowing which one to take can be difficult. 

Below we have provide a list of the courses we recommended which provide you with a worldwide recognised qualification which will help you to get hired either online or around the world.

All the companies featured, ITTT, Premier TEFL and Let's TEFL are some of the best training schools and have helped thousands of students gain teaching certifications.

Prices are displayed in USD and GBP but all nationalities are welcome to apply and some companies accept payment in other currencies too.

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Top Rated Beginners TEFL Courses

If you are totally new to the idea of teaching English check out our list of the best beginners TEFL courses for teaching overseas/online: 


60-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course with ITTT

This 60-hour introduction to TEFL course is particularly popular with people who are looking for an insight into the world of EFL teaching, as well as those who are planning to work as a teaching volunteer. The course has been specifically designed to provide you with all the essential skills and knowledge you will need to embark on a career in the TEFL industry. It provides you with the basic skills and knowledge required to start teaching for the first time.

  • $199


120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course with Premier TEFL

Gain your TEFL certification in as little as 3 weeks and enjoy access to your course materials for 6 months. The course is divided into ten modules. Each lesson is subdivided into bite size learning blocks which include video and an end of lesson assessment. After you complete this qualification you will know how to enter your first English lesson well prepared and confident. 120 hours of expert practical teaching advice will teach you the skills to understand your students’ needs, plan suitable lessons, get hired and enjoy your new job.

  • Was £279.00, Now £95.00!


120-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course + Tutor Support with ITTT

Considered worldwide as the standard requirement for teaching English abroad, our 120-hour certificate with tutor is one of our most popular courses. This option includes full tutor support and a range of useful videos. You also get our Business English or Young Learners course for free.

  • $495



Top Rated Advanced TEFL Courses

These courses are perfect if you have already taken an entry level TEFL course, or are really looking to boost your experience and stand out in the job market.


170-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course with ITTT

If you are considering teaching English online either now or in the future, this 170-hour course will set you on the right path. The initial 120-hour course is then followed by a specialist course in Teaching English Online. You also get a Business English or Young Learners course for free.

  • $420


220-Hour Master Package Course with ITTT

This great value package combines three popular online courses. The 120-hour certificate, the business English certificate and the teaching of English to Young Learners certificate.

  • US$599 


240 Hour Expert TEFL Course with Premier TEFL

This course helps you to achieve an internationally recognized TEFL certificate. It takes 5-8 weeks to complete and included is personal tutor support, 24/7 study access & app, 4 TEFL-Pro short courses, 10 hours virtual teaching practice, a grammar guide eBook, lesson planning eBook and online lessons.

  • Was £439.00, NOW £175.00.


250-Hour Diploma Course with ITTT

This 250 hour diploma course is the perfect choice if you need a higher level qualification that will open the door to the most sought after jobs in the TEFL world. The course is specifically designed for teachers who are looking to further their training and knowledge by completing a high level qualification. By taking this course you can enhance your development and knowledge as an EFL teacher, get the potential to earn a higher income and obtain a more prestigious teaching position.

  • $695


250 Hour Hybrid TEFL Course with Premier TEFL

This course combines six learning units including virtual teaching practicum. The hybrid tuition is delivered through a mix of online self-study plus Teacher Studio sessions via Zoom. This course takes 5-8 weeks to complete and you get personal tutor support, an internationally recognized certificate, 24/7 study access & app, 4 TEFL-Pro short courses, 10 hours virtual teaching practice, a grammar guide eBook, a lesson planning eBook and 10 pack of online lessons.

  • Price: Was £599.00, Now £215.00


470-Hour Professional Package Course with ITTT

The 470 hour professional certification package contains four great courses to ensure you start your teaching career with a wide range of skills and knowledge. With multiple qualifications you should have little trouble finding the right job for you.

  • $990


550-Hour Expert Package Course with ITTT

This ultimate course package is aimed at anyone who wants the best possible start to their teaching career. This combination of six full certification courses will allow you to follow any path you choose in the field of EFL teaching.

  • $1100


These courses are specifically designed for people wanting to become TEFL/TESOL certified teachers. You will get information, training and knowledge helping you to enhance your development get a teaching job online or around the world. So what are you waiting for, book your course today.