This popular city in Croatia is spectacularly rich in history, and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979.

Dubrovnik has been one of the most up and coming tourist destinations in Europe in the last decade – but it wasn’t until a few years ago that it truely came fully into the public eye.

When the producers of Game of Thrones needed a city to represent the fictional capital of King’s Landing, they chose Dubrovnik. The show’s success led to the city becoming even more popular to visit. And even though the show's final season left many fans divided, Game of Thrones has remained a significant property in modern culture.

All of this attention has meant that Dubrovnik has remained a major tourist destination despite the fact that the show finished a long time ago.

In fact, Dubrovnik has had so many visitors in the past few years that the local government has to begin limiting the number of people allowed into its Old Town section (where many of the show’s scenes were filmed) for fears that it will become too overcrowded.

If you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik there are lots of places you can visit in the city.

So, whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or just love seeing historic destinations, here’s a guide to the top locations in Dubrovnik you really need to add to your itinerary.


1. Pile Neighbourhood


Pile is an ancient neighbourhood which was once an important transport hub for the region, but fans of Games of Thrones will recognise it as the stand-in place for the fictional setting of Blackwater Bay.

There had to be some creative camera angles to hide all the modern buildings that have popped up over the years, but keen-eyed fans will be able to see the jetty where the characters Shae and Sansa Stark watched the ships come and go.

2. Bokar Fortress

This is perhaps the most famous setting in the city given that it was used to represent the castle at King's Landing itself.

It's a gorgeous medieval fortress that's endured extensive restoration over the years to remain open to the public. Bokar Fortress is a great place for a Game of Thrones-inspired photoshoot for fans of the show, as it is iconic.


3. St Dominika Street

The historic Old Town district in Dubrovnik is home to so many small streets and pretty stone houses, perfect for that perfect Instagram shot. The streets really do transport you to a medieval setting like that seen in Game of Thrones.

As a result, St. Dominika Street hosts many sights that viewers will recognise, including the area where King Robert’s illegitimate sons are murdered, and the place where Cersei makes her walk of penance in season five.



Fort Lovrijenac

Dubrovnik tourist

While Bokar Fortress and the walls around it are used for some King's Landing scenes, Fort Lovrijenac is the real-world location that the Red Keep was based on.

It's an incredible fortress to explore, and one in which you'll be able to enjoy both incredible views of the surrounding city and flashbacks to scenes from Thrones. Most exciting is probably the stone courtyard of sorts that you may recognise as the location of King Joffrey's ill-fated tournament!



If you want to pack in as much as possible here are some other recommended tourist attractions to visit:

  • Walls of Dubrovnik
  • Lokrum Island
  • Mount Srđ
  • Ride the Dubrovnik Cable Car
  • Lopud Island


Plan a City Break to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik really is an amazing city to visit and there are lots of places to check see in the surrounding areas too. Check out this Dubrovnik itinerary to get more ideas for what to do here. You might also like to search Croatia tours if you would like to see more of the country.

If you have any recommendations for places to see in Dubrovnik which we have missed off our list let us know in the comments section below.

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