When you see dolphins in their natural habitat it will be one of the most magical experiences in the world. 

Some destinations are better than others to spot dolphins and at certain points of the year there are tours available to swim with these majestic creatures.

There are also lots of sightseeing group tours, scuba diving packages and also volunteer programs available where you can see these creatures up close ans also contribute to the research and protection of the species.


Best Times of the Year to Swim With Dolphins

View our list of the destinations to visit and what month below:


January, February and March 

  • New Zealand, Hawaii, Western Australia, Baja Mexico, Belize & Sri Lanka



  • Egypt, Scotland, Canary Islands, Ligurian & Ionian seas


May, June, July, August & September

  • Portugal (Azores/Madeira), Ireland, Egypt, Fiji, Newfoundland & Jersey


October & November, December

  • New Zealand, Australia, Belize & Sri Lanka 


Plan a Dream Trip to See Dolphins in the Wild

This will be the most best moments of your life!