Whether you are going to living in NYC, starting up a new company or running an online business, a high-speed internet connection is crucial for controlling the speedy-paced lifestyle that NYC is most popular for. 

If you are wondering what is the best internet company to go with let our guide help you to make the right choice.

To address ever increasing need, critically bigger New York Internet Providers are always trying to offer a combination of broadband choices to the inhabitants. Heading these is fiber internet, bragging up to 940 Mbps blasting fast speeds and most instantly open in select cosmopolitan areas. 

Next comes cable internet, supporting up to 400 Mbps speeds and playing out the best in between subordinate neighborhood cross-sections. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, we have phone-line based DSL internet, passing on 15 Mbps speeds everything considered and prevalent in families that needn't bother with a typical cable connection. 

Last yet not least, there's satellite internet, distributing 25 Mbps' most extreme speeds to people living interminably from the city and in the remote towns.

Coaxial cable-conveyed internet might be two epochs old, yet it is one of the most high-speed, quickest and most promptly accessible approaches to get associated with the web. In the event that you are just done with DSL (which is let be honest quite likely) and fiber hasn't yet arrived at your neighborhood (much more probable), the cable is your best bet. The decisions aren't various, however, they differ. 


Top 5 New York Internet Provider Comparison

Here are 5 internet providers that might just be the most suited for you.

Provider Service Type Max Speed Coverage ACSI Score

  • Spectrum Cable 940 Mbps 99.9% 59
  • HughesNet® Satellite 25 Mbps 100% N/A
  • EarthLink DSL  15 Mbps 98.4% N/A
  • Mediacom Cable 50 Mbps N/A 56
  • Xfinity Cable 400 Mbps 0.02% 61
Other than accessibility, one of the most advantageous parts of cable internet is having the option to package it with TV and phone services at a quite a markdown — which any supplier will dog you about. 

We believe that is fine on the off chance that you need it, yet you'll need to peruse the print in black and white to abstain from getting secured to additional assistance you may not require. The point is that before signing a contract and investing all those $ bills into nothingness - read the contract!

Now we can’t quite tell you which internet service best suits you but we can talk about the best ones in NYC, right? 



Xfinity is the Micheal Jordan of cable internet and has the most extensive accessibility throughout New York City. East, as well as the West Coasts, are totally wired to Xfinity, similar to a few pockets of the nation in the middle — like the Rockies specifically – due to its accessibility, availability, and reasonability.

It’s no secret that Xfinity was a TV service initially thus you'll find it hard to package cable TV with their internet and advanced landline phone. To solve this problem they offer double or triple play packages. These deals are pretty difficult to refuse, tbh!

Regardless of whether you'll need those extra services or not is up to you. However, as a straight-up internet supplier, Xfinity offers some high-speed bundles at very reasonable costs — even in zones where there is no other company to have cable internet rivalry with.



Charter Communications obtained competitors Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks and moved all private cable internet tasks over to the Spectrum brand, back in the year 2015. This brought about a mess of cable internet inclusion — Spectrum follows Xfinity in at 2nd place when it comes to the brand’s area coverage. In addition to its coverage throughout the US, it is also incredibly basic, as Spectrum offers only one cable internet plan — hesitant customers celebrate. 

The 100 Mbps Spectrum Internet plan (for $44.99 per month) is the most common internet plan amongst the masses. It is also ensured for a year. That value incorporates Wi-Fi availability to Spectrum mobile hotspots and the modem rental expense.


How Much Speed Do You Need?

Triple-digit download speeds look great, however, do they truly influence your internet experience? All things considered, it relies upon what you're doing and what number of others are doing it simultaneously. 

Cable internet performance can be turned down a notch not just by its continuous use in your family, but additionally the area it has to cover — cable offers bandwidth speed, so peak hours (like when everybody hops online after work around 5 p.m.) will now and then be recognizably lazy. Quite frustrating, we know!

Here are some digital TV internet download speed guidelines to pursue: 

  • 25–50 Mbps: One-or two-man family unit; internet perusing, video gushing. 
  • 50–100 Mbps: Four-or five-man family unit; internet, video streaming, gaming. 
  • 100–200 Mbps: at least six-man family unit; internet, video streaming, gaming, working from home, etc. 
  • 200–500 Mbps: Internet however much you might want.

Hopefully our tips have helped you to make a decsion. If you have any advice or would like to recommend a service provider let us know in the comments section below.