However, the fact that there are so many different models available to purchase from Apple, can make it quite tricky in choosing the right one for your home or office needs. After all, unlike hats, laptops come in different shapes and sizes.

Plus, recently the new line of M1 MacBooks were launched, bringing a whole new level of improvements and performance that make for quite an appealing offer to any new Mac user. Now, every one of these Macs has their own advantages and disadvantages, so you must be able to figure out which of these ticks off all the right boxes for you and your work.

The only downside is that Apple still has yet to increase the number of connection ports of its MacBooks, which means you will still need to purchase a usb c hub for macbook if you want to use more than two or three external devices at once. So, without further ado, let’s quickly breakdown these devices and help you figure out which one of these laptops is best suited for you.


Types Of MacBooks To Choose

There are three main Apple laptop models that are available for purchase today. This is the MacBook Air, the 13” MacBook Pro, and 16” MacBook Pro. Each one of these devices had its own advantages and disadvantages, but you can remain confident that they can both get the job done perfectly.


MacBook Air (13-inch)

This is the most affordable option available and is the ideal choice for those looking for a laptop to use for day to day tasks. It is also designed to be extremely thin and lightweight making it the best choice for those constantly on the move.

This is also why it is the more popular choice for student users and remote workers. The only downside as mentioned before is since it is so thin, there aren’t many connection ports to plug in your mobile devices and external peripherals.

However, our suggestion would be for you to purchase the Lention (CB-C36B) model, which is considered to be one of the best usb c hub in the market today. It has enough USB ports to help you add on any extra devices you may need.


MacBook Pro (13-inch)

This is the best option for those who need something that offer a little bit more performance without completely breaking the bank just yet. The new 2020 version feature a wide variety of new features and capabilities such as the TouchBar, not to mention the new Magic keyboard. This makes it ideal for anyone looking to accomplish some high-end tasks. Moreover, while it may not have as large a screen as the 16 inch Pro, you can always expand your viewing space by plugging into any external HDMI-compatible screen using a thunderbolt 2 to hdmi adapter.


MacBook Pro (16-inch)

This is the most expensive and high-range choice that Apple has in its current inventory. It offers a slightly larger screen than the 13-inch and offers a slightly faster processor, which makes it the best possible choice for your professional creators and designers. However, this extra size and performance comes at a steep price of $2000.


What is the Best Mac?

Generally speaking, the Air is the ideal choice for many users. Not only is it affordable for most, but it also comes with a slim design, high-level performance rate and an extremely long-lasting battery life that makes it the excellent for handling daily work tasks and projects without any problems. Plus, with the introduction of the M1 chip, you are now able to also download iOS applications for the first time, making it an incredibly exciting time to own one of these. 

On the other hand, if you need something with a little more performance for tasks like video editing, music production or graphic design, then the MacBook Pro is the reasonable choice. The biggest advantage beyond performance that this one has over the Air, is the fact that it comes with a cooling fan, whereas the Air does not. This provides effective heat dissipation, meaning you can also run high-demanding applications and programs for much longer without fear of damaging your laptop.

The Pro also comes with more variety in storage sizes, so you can pick something that will suit you and your workload best. However, you can always opt to buy an external storage device and also get yourself a Lention usb sd card adapter instead. These devices will allow you to conveniently transfer data between your Mac and any storage device, eg. an SD Card or external hard drive.

Finally, the 16-inch MacBook Pro, while being the most expensive choice is also a good one, if you are looking for something with little bit more boost in performance and screen size. However, with the new chips, both the 13 inch Macs are relatively close in terms of processor speeds, so the final decision will come down to whether or not, you want something with a bigger screen. 

In summary, if we were to recommend one, we would suggest ether the 13 inch M1 Pro or Air. But, if you still feel that you would like something that offers more performance and ports, you can always be patient, save up and wait for Apple’s new 2021 MacBook lineup that is sure to come sooner rather than later.