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Ultimate Africa

Ultimate Africa

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 55 days
  • Start/Finish: Cape Town to Nairobi
  • Countries Visited: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa
  • Price: From £5599

Spanning nine countries, this journey is full of diverse cultures, abundant wildlife, spectacular landscapes, stunning beaches, and loads of adventure. Track the Big Five across open savannah, explore the Okavango Delta in a dugout mokoro canoe, encounter gorillas deep in the Ugandan wilderness – do it all on this ultimate 55-day adventure and get a real feel for how large Africa truly is. You will get to encounter rare wildlife on this unique and cost-effective journey through the stunning scenery of Southern and East Africa.


Highlights of Southern Africa

Southern Africa Highlights

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Start/Finish: Cape Town
  • Countries Visited: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
  • Price: From £4199

When you put the word “highlights” in the name of a trip, you better be confident that it lives up to the hype. This trip does. Across 30 epic days, you’ll go round-trip to Cape Town via Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia – a new spin on one of our most popular routes – taking comfortable touring vehicles as well as staying in a mix of hotels and campsites for a well-rounded experience. Wildlife sightings and cultural moments come standard here – everything from searching for the Big Five in national parks to enjoying meals with local families.





Epic Southeast Asia

G Adventures Epic Southeast Asia

Company: G Adventures
Duration: 40 days 
Start/Finish: Bangkok
Countries Visited: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam
Price: From £2,137

Now's the time to explore Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos on your terms with this tour that's affordable for young travellers. Share stories over drinks among Siem Reap's market stalls, learn the fine art of noodle-making in Hoi An, and catch the day's last rays among the brillantly blue waves of Ko Pha-Ngan. This 41-day adventure is plenty of time to sync your pulse with this part of Southeast Asia — and it's sure to leave you coming back for more.


Bangkok to Bali Adventure

Bangkok to Bali

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 34 days
  • Start/Finish: Bangkok to Gili Trawangan
  • Countries Visited: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand
  • Price: From £2399

Take in a uniquely scenic side of Southeast Asia with this tour that brings you through the best of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the neighbouring city-state of Singapore. Explore the chaos of Bangkok and Jakarta, relax on picturesque beaches, and set foot in the lush terrain of this stunning part of the world. While there’s plenty of chances to keep the excitement up, you’ll also get lots of free time to sit back and enjoy a different pace of life.


Big Indochina Adventure

Big Indochina Adventure

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 27 days
  • Start/Finish: Bangkok/Hanoi
  • Countries Visited: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos
  • Price: From £3265

Sharpen your chopstick skills & clear a month of your calendar; this is so much more than a holiday. Included flights & a well planned trip will see you fishing with locals in Vietnam, being blessed by Monks in Thailand, exploring limestone caves in Laos and pulling up at Cambodia's Angkor Wat in a tuk-tuk. No big deal.


Discover India and Sri Lanka

India Sri Lanka

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 32 days
  • Start/Finish: Delhi to Hikkaduwa
  • Countries Visited: India & Sri Lanka
  • Price: From £1724

Start with the hectic pace of northern Delhi before heading to the beaches of Goa and the fishing nets of relaxed Kochi in the first leg of this epic subcontinental journey. Finish it all off in the southern half of Sri Lanka, a culture-loving backpacker’s dream. Here you’ll get to discover beautiful ruins, hike through tea plantations, and chill out on Hikkaduwa Beach. And the best part? You’ll do it all with a group of new friends.





Epic European

Discover Europe

  • Company: Topdeck
  • Duration: 36 days
  • Start/Finish: London
  • Countries Visited: France, Andorra, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands
  • Price: From £6499

Discover the best that Europe has to offer on a trip that covers history, culture, cuisine, landscapes and nightlife. Make love heart eyes in Paris, marvel at Barcelona's Sagrada Família, get amongst history in Rome and check out the Berlin Wall. This trip is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


European Adventurer

European Adventurer

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 37 days
  • Start/Finish: London to Lucerne
  • Countries Visited: Europe multistop 17 countries
  • Price: From £4324

Just how much of Europe can be conquered in just under 6 weeks? Pretty much all of it according to the European Adventurer. This trapeze through 17 countries will see you cross borders by ferry, picnic in French vineyards, visit crumbling heritage towns in Croatia & party in Amsterdam. Not a precious second will be wasted. 


Ultimate European

Ultimate European + Greek Islands

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 45 days
  • Start/Finish: London to Lucerne
  • Countries Visited: Europe multistop 17 countries
  • Price: From £4729

Two week holidays are for the time poor, and that ain't you. 45 days will jive you through an entire Europe guidebook. From Serbia to Switzerland, Istanbul to Amsterdam, you're about to cover some serious ground. With included ferries and enough activities to take your breath away, this is nothing short of a trip of a lifetime. And it's all topped off with a Greek Island gallivant.


Scandinavia And Best Of Baltics

Contiki Scandinavia And Best Of Baltics

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 20 days
  • Start/Finish: Copenhagen/Vilnius
  • Countries Visited: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Price: From £3,656

This epic 19 day adventure brings you the spectacular summery sights of Scandinavia and the best bits of the Baltics. From colourful Copenhagen through to the adventure capital of Voss, the Geiranger Fjord and elegant Stockholm, you'll fall in love with everything you see in Scandinavia. But we're not done there - we'll then hop on a speedy flight to Estonia to explore the gothic beauty of the Baltics, from breweries to Baroque architecture.



Middle East


Best of Egypt, Jordan & Israel

Middle East

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 22 days
  • Start/Finish: Cairo to Tel Aviv
  • Countries Visited: Egypt, Israel, Jordan
  • Price: From £2999

Explore ancient sights and lost cities in a region that has seen centuries of human history. In Egypt, discover what adventures lie along the Nile, like the Great Pyramids of Giza. Head to Jordan to overnight in a Bedouin tent amidst dramatic desert scenery. See ancient Petra and relax in the Dead Sea. Explore the historic towns of Jerusalem and Nazareth, then check out modern and bustling Tel Aviv. Thousands of incredible moments, one comprehensive trip.


Central America


Epic Central America

G Adventures Epic Central America

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 45 days
  • Start/Finish: Mexico City/San Jose
  • Countries Visited: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
  • Price: From £3,499

The big kahuna of our Central America trips. Travel from Mexico City all the way to Costa Rica over 45 days of jam-packed adventure, collecting seven new stamps in your passport along the way. For a relatively small geographical part of the world, this area overflowing with epic experiences of every kind. From mouth-watering meals, white-sand beaches, and incredible ancient ruins, to eye-popping scenery, spectacular wildlife and cultural traditions, Central America packs a giant punch of adventure.



South America


Lima to Rio Adventure

Lima to Rio

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 51 days
  • Start/Finish: Lima to Rio de Janeiro
  • Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Peru, Uruguay
  • Price: From £4649

If you have the time and can’t decide between Peru and Brazil, then see them both – and pretty much everything in between – on this 51-day extravaganza. Trek the legendary Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, cross the Bolivian Salt Flats, sip wine in Argentina, and hit the beach in Brazil. You’ll get plenty of energetic culture, the great outdoors, and the company of other young travellers to keep you moving. There’s time later to slow down, take the long road and have an adventure while you can.


The Adventurer

Latin Quest

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 36 days
  • Start/Finish: Quito/Rio de Janeiro
  • Countries Visited: Peru, Argentina, Ecuador & Brazil
  • Price: From £6255

Do it all, experience everything & make the most of this unbelievable journey. From the bustling Rio streets to quiet ancient temples, live volcanoes & beautiful beaches, you'll find that paradise doesn't exist in just one place.


Great South American Journey - Quito to Rio

Great South American Journey

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 65 days
  • Start/Finish: Athens to London
  • Places Visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Inca Trail
  • Price: From £4499

Sometimes the slow road is the way to go. Hit the road from Quito to Rio with other young travellers and experience pretty much everything you can imagine in between. Hike the Inca Trail and discover the thriving Inca culture, cross the Salt Flats of Bolivia, dance the tango in Buenos Aires, and hit the beach in Brazil. This trip offers up lively cities, stunning scenery, and tons of adventure. 65 days, seven countries, three nights in the Amazon, and one adventure you’ll remember forever.



North America


Ultimate USA Road Trip

Contiki Ultimate USA Road trip

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 23 days
  • Start/Finish: Miami/LA
  • Countries Visited: USA
  • Price: From £3,868

Wanna scratch the best cities and biggest national parks of the south off your list, once and for all? This is the USA road trip for you. Starting out in majestic Miami, you’ll hit the road to discover cinema royalty in Orlando, all things country in Nashville and all things NASA in Houston. From Moab, you’ll visit the Big 5 National Parks of Utah – including the Grand Canyon – before finishing up in LA. With steaks, soul, giant bear statues and much more across 23 days.


Ultimate Western USA

G Adventures Ultimate Western USA

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 18 days
  • Start/Finish: LA
  • Countries Visited: USA
  • Price: From £4,191

Get metaphorically lost in seven of the most sought after national parks in the west on this 18-day adventure that starts and ends in the “City of Angels”. A whirlwind of experiences packed into what is sure to be a trip of a lifetime.


West Coast Cruiser

West Coast

  • Company: Topdeck
  • Duration: 23 days
  • Start/Finish: LA to Vancouver
  • Countries Visited: USA & Canada
  • Price: From £2889

Welcome to the wild, wild west! We’ll kick things off in the USA, starting in the City of Angels and making our way through San Diego, Las Vegas and San Francisco – stopping to explore the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Grand Canyon Yosemite National Park along the way. Need more adventure? We hear you. Canada is up next, so prepare to soothe your bones in the hot springs in Banff, marvel at the icefields in Jasper and take a look around a snow-free Whistler village. Talk about the perfect vaycay.


Grand Canadian

Contiki Grand Canadian

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 19 days
  • Start/Finish: Toronto/Vancouver
  • Countries Visited: Canada
  • Price: From £3,571

Join this trip in Toronto before exploring incredible Canada. Visit the Jasper National Park, see waterfalls, lakes & mountains aplenty, & bust moves in Vancouver & Toronto to balance things out. Scenery & cities collide!



Pacific / Australasia


Best of Down Under: Australia & New Zealand

G Adventures Best Australia and New Zealand

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 38 days
  • Start/Finish: Adelaide/Christchurch
  • Countries Visited: Australia, New Zealand
  • Price: From £7,424

We don’t just say any trip is the “best of”. But when you’re 38 days in length and loaded with the best experiences Australia and New Zealand have to offer, well, that’s the only way to do this level of adventure justice. Starting in Adelaide, you’ll make your way to the beaches of Victoria, Grampians National Park, the Daintree Rainforest, the Blue Mountains, Fiordland National Park, and a unique Maori experience — and that’s not including a million-ish other places in between. If you’re looking for the total Down Under experience, this is it.


Ultimate Australia

Contiki Ultimate Australia

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 25 days
  • Start/Finish: Sydney/Darwin
  • Countries Visited: Australia
  • Price: From £4,652

Discover the incredible mix of landscapes and activities that makes Aussie so unique. Start in Sydney and the East Coast with plenty of beach time at Bondi, Byron Bay and sailing the sun-drenched Whitsundays, before escaping to the Northern Territory for endless iconic landscapes, including 3 nights at the unforgettable Uluru and 2 nights in Kakadu National Park. One minute you're in a city downing kaffir lime cocktails, next you're gazing up at the stars in the wilderness of the outback. You’ll feel like a true blue Aussie in no time.


The Big Tiki

Contiki Big Tiki

  • Company: Contiki
  • Duration: 21 days
  • Start/Finish: Auckland/Christchurch
  • Countries Visited: New Zealand
  • Price: From £2,461

Geysers and glaciers. Māori settlements, mighty cities and majestic mountains. If NZ doesn't impress you with its diverse beauty, nothing will. Cruising from Auckland in the north to Christchurch in the South – with stop-offs in Rotorua, Wellington, Queenstown and more top class adventure spots along the way – this one is the ultimate adventure, offering up over 65 optional activities from whale watching to skydiving and beyond.




Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

G Adventures Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

  • Company: G Adventures
  • Duration: 22 days
  • Start/Finish: Uruguay/Argentina
  • Countries Visited: Antarctica
  • Price: From £10,999

Get a personal appreciation for the struggle to tame the bottom of the world on this 22-day adventure to the land that entranced Ernest Shackleton and countless others since. Down here, you’ll explore the Falkland Islands, encounter abandoned whaling stations on South Georgia Island, and pay your respects at Shackleton’s grave. Elsewhere, you’ll catch up with penguins (king, chinstrap, gentoo, and Adélie varieties), learn all about them through daily lectures, get close to whales and cavorting seals from a Zodiac boat, and keep an eye peeled for towering icebergs and massive glaciers. Prepare to be astonished.


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